Ryongsong Residence

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Ryongsong Residence
Chosŏn'gŭl 룡성 관저
Revised Romanization Ryongseong Gwanjeo
McCune–Reischauer Ryongsŏng Kwanjŏ
Ryongsong Residence is located in North Korea
Location of Ryongsong Residence in North Korea

Ryongsong Residence[1] (also called Residence No. 55, Chosŏn'gŭl: 55호 관저,[2] and known by locals as Central Luxury Mansion, Chosŏn'gŭl: 주요 고급 저택) is a presidential palace in North Korea and the main residence of leader Kim Jong-un.[3]


The residence is located in Ryongsong district in northern Pyongyang,[4] around 12 km (7.5 mi) northeast of Kim Il-sung Square. The size of the whole leadership complex is around 12 km2 (4.6 sq mi).[5] According to Kim Jong-il's former bodyguard Lee Young-kuk, there are at least eight North Korean leaders' residences outside Pyongyang.[6]


The compound was constructed by a Korean People's Army construction brigade and completed in 1983 under the rule of Kim Il-sung. It was later used by Kim Jong-il, his sister Kim Kyong-hui and his brother-in-law Jang Sung-taek.[7] Since he succeeded his father as leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un has used Ryongsong Residence as his main residence.[3] The complex has an underground wartime headquarters, protected with walls with iron rods and concrete covered with lead in case of a nuclear war.[8] There are numerous military units to protect the headquarters stationed around the complex in possession of mass scale conventional weapons.[7] The area is surrounded by an electric fence, mine fields and many security checkpoints.[9] The headquarters is connected with Changgyong Residence (Residence No. 26) and other residences with underground tunnels.[8] A private underground train station is also inside the residence compound.[10] Besides large houses[11] and well-tended gardens[12] there are man-made lakes and various recreational facilities. Witnesses have reported luxurious interiors with ornate furnishings, deep plush carpets and fancy chandeliers.[2]


  • Banquet halls at the lakefront[7]
  • Swimming pool 15 m (49 ft) wide and 50 m (160 ft) long[13] with a giant waterslide[14]
  • Running track and athletic field[2]
  • Spa and sauna
  • Horse stables and riding area
  • Shooting range
  • Horse racing track

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