Ryozen Museum of History

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The Ryozen Museum of History.
"Napoleon shell" from a Canon obusier de 12. Ryozen Historical Museum.

The Ryozen Museum of History (幕末維新ミュージアム 霊山歴史館, Bakumatsu Ishin Myūjiamu: Ryōzen Rekishikan?) is a history museum located in Kyoto, Japan. It specializes in the history of the Bakumatsu period and the Meiji Restoration.[1]

The Museum is next to the Kyoto Ryozen Gokoku Shrine.[1]


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Official website (in Japanese).

Coordinates: 34°59′56.2″N 135°46′57.5″E / 34.998944°N 135.782639°E / 34.998944; 135.782639