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Ryu Fujisaki (藤崎 竜, Fujisaki Ryū, born March 10, 1971) is a Japanese manga artist born in Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture.

He won the 39th and the 40th Tezuka Award. He made his professional manga debut with WORLDS in 1990. All of his works are published by Shueisha under their Shōnen Jump labels.[1] He has also illustrated four light novels and released two comprehensive art books across his career. Two of the series he has worked on have been made into televised anime.

Fujisaki is best known for the series Hōshin Engi, which was adapted into an anime series and a number of radio dramas, as well as having spawned five video games and cameos in a sixth. Hōshin Engi is currently being considered for a remake by Shomei TV.[2] His most recent completed project is an adaptation of Fuyumi Ono's novel Shiki, which has also gone on to be made into an anime.

Both Hōshin Engi[3] and Wāqwāq[4] were released in English by Viz Media.

Manga Works[edit]

  • Hoshin Engi
  • Wāqwāq
  • Shiki
  • Kakuriyo Monogatari
  • Sakuratetsu Taiwahen
  • Tenkyugi
  • Dramatic Irony - Short Story Collection
    • DRAMATIC IRONY (1995, Spring Shonen Jump special edition)
    • Yugamizumu (1997, 25th Shonen Jump Issue)
    • Milk Junkie (1999).
    • Houshin Engi Another Story (2001, in a combined Weekly Shonen Jump)
    • One-shot pieces that are included in Volume 2.
    • Source of Infection (1993, Summer Shonen Jump special edition)
    • DIGITALIAN (1993, Autumn Shonen Jump special edition)
  • Worlds - Short Story Collection
    • Pied Piper (1990)
    • WORLDS (1990/1991, Winter Shonen Jump special edition)
    • TIGHT ROPE (1991, Spring Shonen Jump special edition)
    • SHADOW DISEASE (1991, 45th Shonen Jump Issue)
    • SOUL of KNIGHT (1992, Spring Special Shonen Jump special edition)

Illustration Works[edit]

  • Putitakityu (Artbook)
  • Shiki (Guidebook)
  • Hoshin Taizen (Guidebook)
  • Fuusui Tengi (Light Novel)
  • Nemuri Hime ha Mahou wo Tsukau (Light Novel)
  • RIPPER GAME (Light Novel)
  • D Shitsu no Koneko no Bouken (Light Novel)

Anime Works[edit]


  • Senkaiden Hoshin Engi Senkai Ibunroku Juntei Taisen (GBC)
  • Senkaiden Hoshin Engi Yori (Wonderswan)
  • Senkaiden Hoshin Engi Yori 2 (Wonderswan)
  • Senkai Taisen: Senkaiden Hoshin Engi Yori (PlayStation)
  • Senkai Tsuuroku Seishi: Senkaiden Hoshin Engi Yori (PlayStation)
  • Jump Ultimate Stars (Hōshin Engi characters only)
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 (Collaboration)[5]


  • Kyousei Majin Guririn Puncher (Character Design)