Ryukoku University

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Ryukoku University
Ryukoku University04nt3200.jpg
Established 1639
Type private
Students 11,900
Location Kyoto, Japan
Campus urban
Website www.ryukoku.ac.jp
Omiya campus
Jushinkan in Seta campus

Ryukoku University (龍谷大学 Ryūkoku Daigaku?) is a private university located in Kyoto, Japan.

It was founded as a school for Buddhist monks of the Nishi Hongan-ji denomination in 1639, and became a secularized university in 1876. Professors and students of the university established the literary magazine Chūōkōron in 1887. It has three campuses: Fukakusa and Omiya in Kyoto; and Seta in Shiga prefecture. Its campuses are smoke-free.[1]

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Coordinates: 34°57′51.43″N 135°46′2.07″E / 34.9642861°N 135.7672417°E / 34.9642861; 135.7672417