Sámuel Brassai

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Sámuel Brassai
Brassai Sámuel Szeged.jpg
Relief of Sámuel Brassai in Szeged
Born 15 June 1797
Torockószentgyörgy, Hungary (now Colțești, Alba, Romania)
Died 24 June 1897(1897-06-24) (aged 100)
Kolozsvár, Hungary (now Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Nationality Hungarian
Occupation Linguist, natural scientist, mathematician, musician, philosopher

Sámuel Brassai (15 June 1797[1][2] – 24 June 1897) was centenarian a linguist and teacher sometimes called "The Last Transylvanian Polymath." In addition to being a linguist and pedagogue he was also a natural scientist, mathematician, musician, philosopher, essay writer, and a regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is perhaps best known for teaching methods.[3]


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