Sándor Apponyi

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Sándor Apponyi

Count Sándor Apponyi de Nagyappony (1844–1925) was a Hungarian diplomat, bibliophile, bibliographer and a great Hungarian book collector.

He was born in Paris where his father, Count Rudolf Apponyi was a diplomat. Sándor worked also as a diplomat. After his father's death he moved to Hungary, and improved his collection. He married Alexandra Esterházy.

He was a Hungarian diplomat in London and Paris. So he could meet there a lot of great bibliophiles who inspired him to collect old printed books, especially works of foreign writers about Hungary. He purchased books from foreign and Hungarian antiquarians. And he took part a lot of auctions. So he collected plenty of interesting historical, arithmetical, biological, geographical and philosophical works in a lot of languages. For example: German, French, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, English and Latin. This beautiful bibliophile collection's name is Apponyi Hungarika. It could be found in the National Széchényi Library, and contains about 3,000 books. There are many interesting topics in this collection. We can read about siege and taking of Buda or Belgrade by the Christian army and about Rákóczi's war of independence. Also there is a book of Count Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli about coffee, from the planting of the shrub to the serving of the drink.

Count Apponyi had also a scholar relative, called Isotta Nogarola. She was one of the most famous female humanists of the Italian Renaissance. He collected books about her era. This small interesting collection is named Apponyi Rariora. There can be found the same topics as the Apponyi Hungarika. The difference is: these are about the Italian city, Verona. It contains about 300 works.

He wrote a great catalogue about his books. In these we can read his interesting statements about the books beside the bibliographical dates.