Sándor Szokolay

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Szokolay teaching the Huszti-Duo Vienna in Parndorf

Sándor Szokolay (30 March 1931 – 8 December 2013)[1] was a Hungarian composer and professor of the Liszt Ferenc Academy, Budapest.


Szokolay was born in Kunágota in a Lutheran evangelic family and began his music studies in Békéstarhos. Then he attended the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. His teachers were Ferenc Szabó and Ferenc Farkas. Between 1957 and 1961 he worked at the Hungarian Radio music department. Between 1959 and 1994 he was a professor at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest. He retired in 1994 and moved to Sopron where he lived and worked till his death. His main works, operas, oratoria, are well known all over the world.[according to whom?]

Szokolay was chairman of the Hungarian Kodály Society (1978) and the Hungarian Music Camera (1991–92), and he was member of the Hungarian Széchenyi Art Academy (1992).



  • 5 author disc
  • Author Disc CD in 1997



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