São Paulo Fashion Week

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São Paulo Fashion Week
The event attracts the attention of the world press.
Location(s)São Paulo, Brazil
Inaugurated1995 (1995)
FounderPaulo Borges
Organised byGrupo Luminosidade

The São Paulo Fashion Week is an clothing trade show held semi-annually in São Paulo. It is notable as "Latin America's pre-eminent fashion event"[1] and it is considered the fifth largest fashion week after in the world behind New York, London, Paris and Milan.[2] It has been controversial in the past because of a "longstanding bias towards white models." In 2009 quotas were imposed that required that 10 percent of models to be "black or indigenous" as a way to foster equal opportunity.[1]


  1. ^ a b "Brazil fashion week goes equal opportunity". The Daily Telegraph. June 20, 2009. Retrieved 2011-09-08. the São Paulo Fashion Week - Latin America's pre-eminent fashion event - has imposed quotas requiring at least 10 percent of the models to be black or indigenous. The measure was brought in after intense pressure from anti-racism groups and Brazilian prosecutors who blasted the SPFW's longstanding bias towards white models.
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