Säppi lighthouse

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Säppi lighthouse
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Säppi lighthouse is located in Finland
Säppi lighthouse
Location Eurajoki, Finland
Coordinates 61°28′39″N 21°20′52″E / 61.477427°N 21.347738°E / 61.477427; 21.347738Coordinates: 61°28′39″N 21°20′52″E / 61.477427°N 21.347738°E / 61.477427; 21.347738
Year first constructed 1873
Automated 1962
Construction brick tower
Tower shape two stage tapered cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern[1]
Markings / pattern white tower, red lantern dome
Height 28.21 metres (92.6 ft)
Focal height 34.8 metres (114 ft)
Range 10 nmi (19 km)[1]
Characteristic Fl (2+1) W 30s.[1]
Admiralty number C4398[1]
NGA number 17448[1]
ARLHS number FIN-055[2]

Säppi lighthouse (Finnish: Säpin majakka, Swedish: Sebbskärs fyr) is a lighthouse on the coast of Bothnian Sea, located outside the city of Pori in the island of Säppi. The lighthouse stands approximately 14 kilometers Southwest of the Port of Pori on the area of Eurajoki municipality. It was designed by Finnish architect Axel Hampus Dalström and first lit in 1873.[2]


The first wooden daymark in Säppi was built by the merchants of Pori in 1779. It was replaced by a hexagon-type daymark in 1852. Construction of the present lighthouse was launched in the spring of 1873 and it was lit in September. Säppi lighthouse was automated in 1962 and today it is powered by solar panels. The lighthouse was originally equipped with a Fresnel lens system.[3]

Säppi island has been a part of the Bothnian Sea National Park since 2011.[4] Lighthouse and the surrounding buildings are inventoried by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities as one of Cultural heritage sites of national importance in Finland.[5] The island is visited annually by some 4,000 tourists.[6]


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