Sèvre Nantaise

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Sèvre Nantaise
Sèvre Nantaise near Le Longeron.jpg
Sèvre Nantaise, near Le Longeron
Origin Deux-Sèvres
Mouth Loire
47°11′46″N 1°32′49″W / 47.19611°N 1.54694°W / 47.19611; -1.54694 (Loire-Sèvre Nantaise)Coordinates: 47°11′46″N 1°32′49″W / 47.19611°N 1.54694°W / 47.19611; -1.54694 (Loire-Sèvre Nantaise)
Basin countries France
Length 159 km
Source elevation 215 m
Avg. discharge 9.5 m³/s
Basin area 2,356 km²

The Sèvre Nantaise is a river in western France, left tributary to the river Loire. Its source is in the Deux-Sèvres département, near Secondigny.

It flows through the following départements and towns:

It flows into the river Loire in the city Nantes, hence the name Sèvre Nantaise (distinguishing it from the Sèvre Niortaise).