Sèvre Niortaise

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Sèvre Niortaise
Sèvre niortaise.jpg
The Sèvre Niortaise near Niort
Native nameLa Sèvre niortaise  (French)
Physical characteristics
 • locationDeux-Sèvres
 • elevation150 m (490 ft)
 • location
Atlantic Ocean
 • coordinates
46°18′35″N 1°7′45″W / 46.30972°N 1.12917°W / 46.30972; -1.12917 (Atlantic Ocean-Sèvre Niortaise)Coordinates: 46°18′35″N 1°7′45″W / 46.30972°N 1.12917°W / 46.30972; -1.12917 (Atlantic Ocean-Sèvre Niortaise)
Length158.4 km (98.4 mi)
 • average44 m3/s (1,600 cu ft/s)

The Sèvre Niortaise is a 158.4 km (98.4 mi) long river in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire regions in western France, flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.[1] Its source is in the Deux-Sèvres department, near Sepvret, north of Melle.

It flows through the following departments and towns:

It flows into the Atlantic Ocean in Bourg-Chapon, north of the city of La Rochelle. The largest city along the river is Niort, which gives it the name Sèvre Niortaise, distinguishing it from the Sèvre Nantaise.


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