Sébastien Jumel

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Sébastien Jumel

Sébastien Jumel (born December 20, 1971 in Sainte-Adresse, Seine-Maritime) is a French politician[1] and a member of the French Communist Party (PCF).

Jumel was elected general councillor for the Canton of Dieppe-Ouest in 2002 following a by-election, and became a vice-president in the left-wing majority in the Seine-Maritime general council in 2004. In 2008, he was elected mayor of Dieppe by the first round with 55.5% of the vote against 40.7% for the opposition. One week later, he was elected general councillor for Dieppe-Ouest.

He is considered a rising star in the French Communist Party, and in 2010, he was selected to be the candidate of the Left Front in Upper Normandy for the 2010 regional elections.


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