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Sédhiou is a town of Senegal, in Casamance area, nearby the Casamance river, with a population of 24,213 in 2013.[1]


The main historical culture of Sédhiou came from the Mandinka people, but many populations are located in the area nowadays.


Sédhiou Arrondissements

It is the capital of Sédhiou Region.


In 1983, 13,212 inhabitants lived in the town, rising to 18,465 in 2002. At the 2013 census Sédhiou had a population of 24,213.

Notable people[edit]

The town is the birthplace and hometown of Senegalese International Footballer, Sadio Mané, who currently plays for English Premier League club Liverpool F.C.

Twin town[edit]


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Coordinates: 12°42′N 15°33′W / 12.700°N 15.550°W / 12.700; -15.550