Séptimo Día - No Descansaré

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Séptimo Día - No Descansaré
Sep7imo Dia Logo.png
Logo for Cirque du Soleil's Sép7imo Día - No Descansaré
CompanyCirque du Soleil
GenreContemporary circus
Show typeTouring show
Date of premiere9 March 2017 (Buenos Aires)
Final show23 September 2018 (Buenos Aires)
Creative team
Creative GuideJean-François Bouchard
Charles Goron
Diego Saenz
Daniel Kon
DirectorMichel Laprise
Director of CreationChantal Tremblay
Costume DesignerDominique Lemieux
Acrobatic Performance DesignerGermain Guillemot
Sound DesignerHernan Hupieri
ProjectionsMathieu St-Arnaud
SceneographerHeather Shaw
Acro Equipment DesignerEwen Seagal
Other information
Preceded byLuzia (2016)
Succeeded byVolta (2017)
Official website

Séptimo Día - No Descansaré (stylized as Sép7imo Día) was a touring arena show by Cirque du Soleil, inspired by the music of Argentinian band Soda Stereo.[1]



The music for the show was produced and mixed by the two surviving members of the band Soda Stereo, Zeta Bosio and Charly Alberti, and was co-produced by Adrián Taverna, who created new versions and mash-ups of the songs especially for the show.[1]

The following tracks are from the official album (and live show soundtrack) and feature remixes and mashups of the band's songs:[2]

  1. En El Séptimo Día (Prologue)
  2. Cae el Sol / Planta (Opening Celebration)
  3. Picnic en el 4to B / Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas / Mi Novia Tiene Bíceps (Skipping Ropes)
  4. Ella Usó, Un Misil (Character Transition)
  5. Prófugos (Aerial Revolver)
  6. En Remolinos (Handbalancing on Canes)
  7. Crema de Estrellas (Arms and Legs Ballet)
  8. Cuando Pase el Temblor (Transition)
  9. Luna Roja (Hair Hang)
  10. Fue (Transition)
  11. Sobredosis de TV (TV Overdose)
  12. Planeador (with samples from Disco Eterno) / Persiana Americana (Diabolo)
  13. Signos (Russian Cradle Wheel)
  14. Un Millón de Años Luz (Sand Painting)
  15. Hombre al Agua (Water Tank)
  16. En La Ciudad de la Furia (Aerial Grill and Chains)
  17. Crema de estrellas / Te Para Tres (Campfire)
  18. Primavera Cero (Suspended Pole)
  19. Sueles dejarme sólo (instrumental) / Corazón Delator (Fast Track Setup)
  20. De Música Ligera (with samples from X-Playo) (Fast Track and Banquine)
  21. Terapia de amor intensiva (Finale)


Séptimo Día unusually began its arena tour in Argentina (instead of in Montreal, where Cirque du Soleil's touring shows usually premiere), as it was the country of origin of the band Soda Stereo, on which the show's concept was based.

The following colorboxes indicate the region of each performance:
 EU   Europe  NA   North America  SA   South and Central Americas  AP   Asia/Pacific  OC   Oceania  AF   Africa

Arena tour[edit]

2017 Schedule[edit]

  •  SA   Buenos Aires, AR - From 9 Mar to 14 May 2017 (show premiere)
  •  SA   Cordoba, AR - From 25 May to 3 Jun 2017
  •  SA   Lima, PE - From 23 Jun to 7 Jul 2017
  •  SA   Santiago, CL - From 19 Jul to 6 Aug 2017
  •  SA   Bogotá, CO - From 3 Sep to 23 Sep 2017
  •  NA   Monterrey, MX - From 19 Oct to 29 Oct 2017
  •  NA   Guadalajara, MX - From 8 Nov to 18 Nov 2017
  •  NA   Mexico City, MX - From 28 Nov to 22 Dec 2017

2018 Schedule[edit]

  •  NA   Panama, PA - From 23 Jan to 28 Jan 2018
  •  NA   San José, CR - From 14 Feb to 25 Feb 2018
  •  NA   Guatemala, GT - From 10 Mar to 18 Mar 2018
  •  NA   Miami, FL - From 18 Apr to 22 Apr 2018
  •  NA   Los Angeles, CA - From 3 May to 6 May 2018
  •  SA   Asuncion, PY - From 20 Jun to 29 Jun 2018
  •  SA   Cordoba, AR - From 27 Jul to 29 Jul 2018
  •  SA   Mar del Plata, AR - From 3 Aug to 10 Aug 2018
  •  SA   Rosario, AR - From 17 Aug to 24 Aug 2018
  •  SA   Buenos Aires, AR - From 31 Aug to 23 Sep 2018 (final show)


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