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Discography for Sérgio Mendes.




Year Single (A-side, B-side)
Both sides from same album except where indicated
Chart positions Album
1965 "Reza"
b/w "Noa Noa" (from The Beat of Brazil)
Non-album tracks
1966 "All My Loving"
b/w "The Telephone Song"
"Mas que Nada"
b/w "The Joker"
47 4 Herb Alpert Presents Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
"Day Tripper"
b/w "Slow Hot Wind"
"Constant Rain"
b/w "Slow Hot Wind" (from Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66)
71 11 Equinox
1967 "Monday, Monday"
b/w "The Great Arrival"
Great Arrival
"For Me"
b/w "Gente"
98 16 Equinox
"Night and Day"
b/w "Cinnamon and Clove"
82 8
"The Frog"
b/w "Watch What Happens" (from Equinox)
126 21 Look Around
1968 "Say a Little Prayer"
b/w "Comin' Home Baby"
106 21 Sergio Mendes' Favorite Things
"With a Little Help from My Friends"
b/w "Look Around"
31 Look Around
"My Favorite Things"
b/w "Tempo Feliz"
Sergio Mendes' Favorite Things
"The Look of Love"
b/w "Like a Lover"
4 2 Look Around
"The Fool on the Hill"
b/w "So Many Stars" (from Look Around)
6 1 14 Fool on the Hill
"Scarborough Fair"
b/w "Canto Triste"
16 2 8
1969 "Pretty World"
b/w "Festa" (from Fool on the Hill)
62 4 83 Crystal Illusions
"(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"
b/w "Song of No Regrets"
66 12
"Wichita Lineman"
b/w "Ye-Me-Le"
95 34 Ye-Me-Le
1970 "Norwegian Wood"
b/w "Masquerade"
107 32
"For What It's Worth"
b/w "Viramundo"
101 10 Stillness
"Chelsea Morning"
b/w "Where Are You Coming From" (from Ye-Me-Le)
1971 "Righteous Life"
b/w "Lost In Paradise"
"Aza Branca"
b/w "Sometimes in Winter" (from Stillness)
Pais Tropical
"So Many People"
b/w "Zanzibar"
"After Midnight"
b/w "Morro Velho"
1972 "The Crab"
b/w "After Sunrise" (from Primal Roots)
Non-album track
1973 "Love Music"
b/w "Walk the Way You Talk"
113 24 Love Music
"Where Is the Love"
b/w "Hey Look at the Sun"
"Put a Little Love Away"
b/w "Hey Look at the Sun"
1975 "If I Ever Lose This Heaven"
b/w "You Been Away Too Long"
Sergio Mendes (Elektra)
b/w "The Trouble with Hello Is Goodbye"
b/w "Someday We'll All Be Free" (from Sergio Mendes Elektra album)
Home Cooking
1976 "Tell Me in a Whisper"
b/w "Sunny Day"
"Hey People, Hey"
b/w "Shakara"
1977 "The Real Thing" (Original version)
b/w "Home Cooking" (from Home Cooking)
Non-album track
"Love Me Tomorrow"
b/w "Peninsula"
Sergio Mendes & The New Brasil '77
"The Real Thing" (Re-recording)
b/w "Peninsula"
50 51
"Love City"
b/w "Peninsula"
1978 "Midnight Lovers"
b/w "Misturada"
Brasil 88
"Waters of March"
b/w "Misturada"
1979 "Lonely Woman"
b/w "Summer Dream"
Magic Lady
"I'll Tell You"
b/w "Lonely Woman"
1980 "Let It Go"
b/w "Magic Lady"
1982 "My Summer Love"
b/w "Life in the Movies"
Sergio Mendes (A&M)
1983 "Never Gonna Let You Go"
b/w "Carnaval"
4 1 28 45 5
"Rainbow's End"
b/w "Carnaval"
52 6
1984 "Olympia"
b/w "Carnaval" (from Sergio Mendes A&M album)
58 18 Confetti
b/w "Confetti"
29 5
"Real Life"
b/w "Confetti"
1985 "Let's Give a Little More This Time"
b/w "Confetti"
1986 "Nonstop"
b/w "Flower of Bahia"
Brasil 86
"Take This Love"
b/w "Your Smile"
1987 "What Do We Mean to Each Other"
b/w "Flower of Bahia"

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