Sévère Rivard

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Sévère Rivard
Sévère Rivard.png
17th Mayor of Montreal
In office
Preceded by Jean-Louis Beaudry
Succeeded by Jean-Louis Beaudry
Constituency Saint-Jacques
Member of the Legislative Council of Quebec for Alma
In office
Preceded by Jean-Louis Beaudry
Succeeded by Louis Tourville
Personal details
Born 7 August 1834
Yamachiche, Quebec, Lower Canada
Died 4 February 1888(1888-02-04) (aged 53)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Spouse(s) Delphine Choquette (m. 1863)
Profession Lawyer
Religion Roman Catholic

Sévère-Dominique Rivard (7 August 1834 – 4 February 1888) was a Canadian lawyer and politician, the Mayor of Montreal, Quebec between 1879 and 1881.

After an education at the Séminaire de Nicolet, Rivard apprenticed in law under Rodolphe Laflamme and Edmund Barnard, formally becoming a lawyer in 1859.

In 1870, Rivard was elected to city council at the Saint-Jacques ward and was re-elected to council in 1873. Between 1870 and 1877 he also served as a member of the city's Roman Catholic Board of School Commissioners. Rivard campaigned for mayor in 1879, defeating the allegedly undefeatable incumbent Jean-Louis Beaudry by a 290-vote margin. He ran unopposed in the 1880 election and enjoyed a second term as Mayor.

He was a member of the Legislative Council of Quebec from 1886 until his death.

Rivard died on 4 February 1888 after sustaining a case of "paralysis".

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