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Síndico Procurador was a Spanish term for a colonial city attorney or municipal corporation counsel, that was used in the former Viceroyalty of New Spain based in Spanish colonial México.

It was used for a local administrative and judicial position within a town council, corresponding to a present day city attorney or corporation counsel.


The main governing body or council of a colonial Spanish town or city within Viceroyalty of New Spain was the Ayuntamiento. It functioned as the town council, and had a varying range of administrative and judicial duties. The number of members of the council was generally based on the population of the municipality. [1]

Members serving on the council were: [1]

  • 1 − 2 alcaldes (mayors) — one the "regular mayor" or municipal administrator, and the second an "executive mayor" or district administrator, who acted as head of the council.
  • 4 − 12 regidors (councilmembers).
  • 1 Alguacil (sheriff).
  • 1 Síndico Procurador (city attorney−corporation counsel).

In colonial Spanish Texas and in Mexican Texas, the word Cabildo was used for the ayuntamientos−councils, and also for the buildings they met within.[2]

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