Síndico Procurador

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Síndico Procurador was a Spanish term, used in Spanish America, for a local, administrative and judicial position, corresponding to a city attorney.

Usage in Spanish Texas[edit]

Further information: Syndic

The main governing body of a Spanish municipality in New Spain was the Ayuntamiento. It functioned as the town council and had a varying range of administrative and judicial duties. The number of members of the council was generally based on the population of that city. Members serving on the council were one or two alcaldes, the (executive mayor) or district administrator, who acted as head of the council and the (regular mayor) or municipal administrator, four to twelve regidors (councilmen), the Alguacil (sheriff) and a Síndico Procurador ( town lawyer).[1]


In Spanish Texas the word Cabildo was used to reference the building where the council meetings of the Ayuntamiento met.[2]


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