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KUKL (Söngull).jpg
Single by Kukl
from the album The Eye
A-side "Söngull"
B-side "Pökn (Fyrir Byrjendur)"
Released 1983
Format 7" vinyl
Genre Post-punk
Label Gramm
Kukl singles chronology
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"Söngull" was the first single by Icelandic group Kukl, released in September 1983 by the Gramm label solely in Iceland. "Söngull" (sung in Icelandic) later appeared in an English-language version (with bells replacing the guitar intro) called "Dismembered" on the band's debut album, The Eye, a year later. B-side "Pökn (Fyrir Byrjendur)" means "Punk (For Beginners)". The single has not been reissued.


Track listing[edit]

Track Title Length
Side A
01 Söngull 4:22
Side B
02 Pökn (Fyrir Byrjendur) 2:20

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