Søholm (country house)

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Emdrup Sø 01.JPG
Søholm viewed from the other side of Lake Emdrup
General information
Architectural styleNeoclassical
LocationGentofte, Copenhagen
Coordinates55°45′44.23″N 12°34′33.07″E / 55.7622861°N 12.5758528°E / 55.7622861; 12.5758528Coordinates: 55°45′44.23″N 12°34′33.07″E / 55.7622861°N 12.5758528°E / 55.7622861; 12.5758528
Construction started1806
Design and construction
ArchitectC. F. Hansen

Søholm is a listed Neoclassical house overlooking Lake Emdrup in Hellerup in northern Copenhagen, Denmark. It is from 1809 and was designed by Christian Frederik Hansen.


Søholm seen on a watercolour by Ole Jørgen Rewert, 1824
Søholm photographed by Peter Elfelt in 1922

The house was built for the grocer Joseph Nathan David (1758–1839). Construction began in 1and was completed in 1809. It was Christian Frederik Hansen's first building to be completed after his move from Schleswig-Holstein to Copenahgen. The two one-story side wings were added in 1858.[1]

The house was in 1877 acquired by the businessman Niels Andersen. He owned it until his death in 1911.[2] The building was renovated by Gotfred Tvede in 1912–15. A later owner was CEO P. Christiansen,

The property was later turned into a senior citizens home. It was acquired by Arkitekternes Pensionskasse in 1982 and subsequently restored.


The property consists of 848 m2 office space and a 152 m2 residence. It is currently (January 2016) for sale.[3]


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