Süleyman Şefik Pasha

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Suleiman Shefik Pasha

Suleiman Shefik Pasha (Modern Turkish: Süleyman Şefik Paşa) was the commander of Kuvâ-i İnzibâtiyye (Ottoman Turkish: قوا انضباطيّه, literally "Forces of Order"; Turkish: Hilafet Ordusu, or "Caliphate Army"), which was an army established on 18 April 1920 by the imperial government of the Ottoman Empire in order to fight against the Turkish National Movement in the aftermath of World War I.

He was born in 1860 in Erzurum.

The Kuvâ-i İnzibâtiyye was supported by the British so as to enforce British policy in Anatolia and enforce the partitioning and stabilize the remnants of the defeated Ottoman Empire.

He was the grandfather of Şehrazat and the father of Princess Perizat Osmanoğlu of Ottoman and Siham Kemali Söylemezoğlu, the first mining magnate in Turkey.

He died in 1946 in İstanbul.