Süper Star (Sibel Tüzün song)

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"Süper Star"
Sibel tüzün süper star.jpg
Single by Sibel Tüzün
Released Turkey 28 April 2006 (CD-single)
Format Digital download, CD-single
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 3:01
Label Seyhan Müzik
Songwriter(s) Sibel Tüzün
Producer(s) Sibel Tüzün
Turkey "Süper Star"
Eurovision Song Contest 2006 entry
Finals performance
Semi-final result
Semi-final points
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Rimi Rimi Ley" (2005)   
"Shake It Up Şekerim" (2007) ►

"Süper Star" was the Turkish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, held in Athens, Greece. The song was sung, written and composed by Sibel Tüzün.

The song was performed 14th on the night of the semi-final on 18 May, following Russia's Dima Bilan with "Never Let You Go" and preceding Ukraine's Tina Karol with "Show Me Your Love". She received 91 points, placing 8th in a field of 23 and progressing to the final.

On the night of the final on 20 May Tüzün performed 23rd, following Sweden's Carola with "Invincible" and preceding Armenia's André with "Without Your Love". She received 91 points again, placing 11th in a field of 24.

Onstage, Tüzün was accompanied by four British dancers: Arthur Gourounlian, Glenn Ball, James Robinson and Scott Marshall, in a choreography made by British choreographer Gary Lloyd.

The song was succeeded as Turkish representative at the 2007 contest by Kenan Doğulu with "Shake It Up Şekerim".


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Preceded by
Rimi Rimi Ley
Turkish entry for the Eurovision
Succeeded by
Shake It Up Şekerim