Süreyya Ağaoğlu

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Süreyya Ağaoğlu (1903, Shusha – 29 December 1989, Istanbul) was a Turkish Azerbaijani origin writer, jurist, and the first female lawyer in Turkish history.


Süreyya Ağaoğlu was the daughter of Ahmet Ağaoğlu, a prominent Azerbaijani and later Turkish politician of the early 20th century. After the fall of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1920, the Ağaoğlus moved to Turkey where Süreyya graduated from the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University and worked as a lawyer from 1927 till her death in 1989. She is the author of books What I Saw in London (Londra'da Gördüklerim) and One Life Has Passed Just Like This (Bir Hayat Böyle Geçti), where she touched upon many important legal issues.

Süreyya Ağaoğlu died of a stroke in 1989.