Süreyya Aylin Antmen

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Süreyya Aylin Antmen
Born 1981
İstanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Education Sociology, Philosophy Anadolu University
Occupation Poetry
Notable work

Sonsuzluğa Kiracı

Geceyle Bir

Süreyya Aylin Antmen (born 1981 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a contemporary Turkish poet, essayist and writer.


Süreyya Aylin Antmen born in Istanbul, in 1981. She is a Turkish writer and poet.[1] She wrote her first poem when she was 13 years old. She studied Sociology and Philosophy in Anadolu University. She has published poetry and prose. Antmen’s first published poem appeared in Patika poetry review in 2004. Her poems and articles were published in several literary journals like Şiir Ülkesi, Damar, Öteki-siz, NO Edebiyat, Varlık, Cumhuriyet Kitap, Papirüs Güncel, Şiir'den and Özgür Edebiyat. “Sonsuzluğa Kiracı” her works were found “remarkable” in 2008 Yaşar Nabi Nayır Youth Awards. Her poems have been translated in English, Zaza, Urdu and Kurdish languages.

Not only part of future but also past’s through poetry, under the dome of dreams and agonies she continues to witness the death.



  • 2008 Yaşar Nabi Nayır Youth Awards: "Remarkable" for Sonsuzluğa Kiracı [2]

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