Săcărâmb mine

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Săcărâmb Gold Mine is located in Romania
Săcărâmb Gold Mine
Săcărâmb Gold Mine
Location in Romania
Location Certeju de Sus
County Hunedoara County
Country Romania
Coordinates 46°04′N 22°31′E / 46.07°N 22.52°E / 46.07; 22.52Coordinates: 46°04′N 22°31′E / 46.07°N 22.52°E / 46.07; 22.52
Production approx 28,000
Financial year 2009
Company Carpathian Gold, Deva Gold
Year of acquisition 2005

The Săcărâmb mine is a large open pit mine in the west of Romania in Hunedoara County, 30 km north of Deva and 400 km north of the capital, Bucharest. Săcărâmb represents a large gold deposit with estimated reserves of 0.53 million oz of gold.[1] The mine also has the only tellurium and selenium reserves in Romania having around 10 million tonnes grading 0.24g/tonnes for both elements.[1] The project is owned by the Toronto-based company Carpathian Gold in association with the Romanian company Deva Gold.

The project will involve the mining and processing of 0.53 million tonnes of ore per annum over an open pit life of 19 years. The open pit is expected to yield approximately 28,000 oz of gold per year in doré, reflecting an average total process recovery of 68% for gold.[1]


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