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Location Kołłątaja street, Słupsk
Coordinates 54°28′2″N 17°1′2″E / 54.46722°N 17.01722°E / 54.46722; 17.01722Coordinates: 54°28′2″N 17°1′2″E / 54.46722°N 17.01722°E / 54.46722; 17.01722
Owned by Polskie Koleje Państwowe S.A.
Platforms 3
Previous names Stolp
Preceding station   Railway lines of Poland   Following station
Kobylnica Sł.
Słupsk Przymieście
Jezierzyce Sł.
  Line   Włynkowo

Słupsk is a PKP and a SKM railway station in Słupsk (Pomeranian Voivodeship), Poland. It is a junction station, the railway line No 202 from Gdansk Central to Stargard intersects here with the railway line No. 405, joining the station with Ustka. According to the classification in terms of number of train passengers; Slupsk is a category B station.

Station building[edit]

Station building (From the road)
Station building (trackside view)

The station building was built in 1990 and 1991 and was opened on January 10. There are eight ticket offices in the building, available all day.


The first railway line reached Słupsk in 1869 from Gdańsk. Soon after, workshops were opened in the city. In 1945 the Soviet army destroyed the central part of the station building as a result of artillery fire. On 27 May 1945 the railway connection with Lębork was opened. In subsequent weeks Słupsk gained connections with Ustka, Koszalin, Kołobrzeg, Białogard and Szczecinek. Over 1988 and 1989, electrified traction reached the town.

Lines crossing the station[edit]

Start station End station Line type
Piła Ustka Passenger/Freight
Słupsk Cecenowo Dismantled
Słupsk Budowo Dismantled
Gdańsk Główny Stargard Szczeciński Passenger/Freight

Rail links[edit]

  • Białogard (REGIO, TLK)
  • Bialystok (TLK)
  • Gdańsk Główny (SKM, TLK)
  • Gdynia Główna (SKM, TLK)
  • Katowice (TLK)
  • Kolobrzeg (TLK)
  • Koszalin (REGIO, TLK)
  • Kraków Główny (TLK)
  • Calendar (SKM, TLK)
  • Miastko (REGIO)
  • Main Olsztyn (TLK)
  • Poznań Główny (TLK)
  • Rumia (SKM)
  • Szczecin Central (REGIO, TLK)
  • Setae (REGIO, TLK)
  • Ustka (REGIO)
  • Wejherowo (SKM, TLK)


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