Sơn La Province

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Sơn La Province

Tỉnh Sơn La
Skyline of Sơn La Province
Location of Sơn La within Vietnam
Location of Sơn La within Vietnam
Coordinates: 21°10′N 104°0′E / 21.167°N 104.000°E / 21.167; 104.000Coordinates: 21°10′N 104°0′E / 21.167°N 104.000°E / 21.167; 104.000
Country Vietnam
CapitalSơn La
 • Total14,055 km2 (5,427 sq mi)
 • Total1,195,107
 • Density85/km2 (220/sq mi)
 • EthnicitiesVietnamese, Tai, H'Mông, Mường, Dao
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Area codes212
ISO 3166 codeVN-05

Sơn La (About this soundlisten) is a province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. It borders Laos to the south. The population includes Black and White Tai ethnic group.
Sơn La Dam, the largest hydroelectric power station in Southeast Asia.[1] is located in this province.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Sơn La is subdivided into 12 district-level sub-divisions:

Second Tier
Third Tier subdivisions
Ward Township Commune
Sơn La city 324.93 7 5
Bắc Yên District 1099.36 1 15
Mai Sơn District 1410.30 1 21
Mộc Châu District 1081.66 2 13
Mường La District 1407.90 1 15
Phù Yên District 1227.00 1 26
Quỳnh Nhai District 1049.07 11
Sông Mã District 1639.72 1 19
Sốp Cộp District 1477.00 9
Thuận Châu District 1535.07 1 28
Vân Hồ District 979.84 14
Yên Châu District 843.00 1 14

They are further subdivided into nine commune-level towns (or townlets), 188 communes, and seven wards.


The province's name derives from Sino-Vietnamese .

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