Suleiman II (Rûm)

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Suleiman II (Rûm)
Persian رکن الدین سلیمان شاه

Suleiman II, also known as Rukn ad-Din Suleiman Shah (Persian: رکن الدین سلیمان شاه‎), was the Seljuk Sultan of Rûm between 1196 and 1204.[1]

Son of Kilij Arslan II, he overthrew his brother, Sultan Kaykhusraw I, who had succeeded their father in 1192 and became sultan in 1196.

He fought neighbouring rulers and expanded the territories of the Sultanate. In 1201 he conquered Erzurum. Successful in the wars with the Byzantines, he was routed by the Georgians in the Battle of Basian of 1203.

He was succeeded by Kilij Arslan III in 1204–1205, after whom Kaykhusraw I ascended the throne for a second time.

Preceded by
Kaykhusraw I
Sultan of Rûm
Succeeded by
Kilij Arslan III


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