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Swift S-1
Swift Kiel2007.jpg
Role Aerobatic glider
Manufacturer Swift Ltd.
Designer Edward Marganski and Jerzy Cisowski
First flight 6 August 1991 (proof of concept glider: 11 January 1991)
Primary users Jerzy Makula
see European and World Glider Aerobatic Championships for further users
Produced 1991-present
Number built 30 (+ proof of concept glider)
Developed from SZD-21 Kobuz

The Swift S-1 is a single seat aerobatic glider manufactured by Polish company Swift Ltd.

Design and development[edit]

Edward Margański, Jerzy Cisowski and Jerzy Makula developed the Swift at Bielsko-Biała from the SZD-21-2b Kobuz 3.[1][2] The prototype first flew in 1991.

The glider is made of glass-fibre epoxy composite. It is very strong (stressed for plus and minus 10g) and manoeuvrable (a roll takes 4 seconds). Larger tips are available to increase the span to 15m. It has a retractable undercarriage.

Swift concludes its aerobatic display at Old Warden, England
Georgij Kaminski' demonstration flight on the 90th anniversary of the gliding sport of Russia. S-1 Swift glider.
The Swift Aerobatic Display Team at Kemble Battle of Britain Weekend 2009. A Swift S-1 is performing continuous rolls while towed by a Piper Pawnee


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General characteristics


  • Maximum speed: 287 km/h (178 mph)
  • sink rate: 0.9 m/s (177 ft/min)
  • glide ratio: 30.0 (at 127 km/h)
  • Manoeuver Speed Va: 228 km/h
  • Diving Speed Vd: 320 km/h
  • Max Lift/Drag Ratio: 30.0 at 107 km/h
  • Load Factors: +10 g / - 7.5 g

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