S-mount (CCTV lens)

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Three S-mount lenses with different focal lengths (left to right: 16 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm)

The S-mount is a standard lens mount used in various surveillance CCTV cameras and webcams. It uses a male metric M12 thread with 0.5 mm pitch on the lens and a corresponding female thread on the lens mount. S-mount lenses are often called "M12 lenses". Because the lens mounts are usually attached directly to the PCB of the sensor, they are often called "board lenses".[1] The supported sensor formats range from smaller than 1/6-inch type up to 1-inch having an 16mm diagonal sensor. The lenses lack an iris control. S-mount lenses do not have a flange and therefore there is no fixed lens to sensor distance and they must be adjusted to focus.[2] Due to the small size of the lens barrel, performance is somewhat limited compared to larger lenses[3] and most S-mount lenses are relatively slow (f/1.6 and slower). High-end CCTV cameras generally use C/CS-mount lenses, where much faster apertures like f/1.0 are common.

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