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Sport Clube Alba
LeaguePortuguese Third Division – Serie C
ArenaEstádio Municipal, Portugal
Team managerN/A

Sport Clube Alba (aka Alba) is a Portuguese football team founded on 1 January 1941, located in Albergaria-a-Velha, district of Aveiro and currently competing in the Portuguese Third Division - Serie C. Sport Clube Alba won the Aveiro Football Association (AFA) Secondary Championship in 1961-1962, moving up to the Distrial 1st Division. The team hosts games at the Estádio Martins Pereira.


Sport Clube Alba is a Portuguese sports club founded on 1 January 1941 .

The club was the winner of the AFA Secondary Championship (football) in 1961–62, going up to the Distrital 1st Division. In the 1964–5 season it competed in the fourth series of the 3rd Division championship that was won by Águeda. In 1968/69 it won the distrital championship of the 1st division of Aveiro.

In the 1970s it competed 5 times (1971–72, 1974–75, 1975–76, 1976–77 and 1978–79) in the old Portuguese 2nd Division.


Estádio Municipal Doutor Mário Martins Pereira.

Season to season[edit]

Season Level Division Section Place Movements
1961–62 Tier 6 Distritais AF Aveiro – 2ª Divisão 1st Promoted
1962–63 Tier 5 Distritais AF Aveiro – 1ª Divisão
1968–69 Tier 5 Distritais AF Aveiro – 1ª Divisão 1st Promoted
1969–70 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão
1979–80 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão
1984–85 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão
1992–93 Tier 4 Terceira Divisão Série B 10th
1994–95 Tier 5 Distritais AF Aveiro – 1ª Divisão
2006–07 Tier 5 Distritais AF Aveiro – Honra 3rd
2009–10 Tier 6 Distritais AF Aveiro – 1ª Divisão Promoted


  • Campeão 1ª Distrital de Aveiro:
    • 1968/69
  • Campeão 1ª Distrital de Aveiro; Supertaça distrital (District Supercup):
    • 2009/10
  • Campeão 2ª Distrital Associação de Futebol de Aveiro:
    • 1961/62


  • Augusto Martins Pereira (1941–59)
  • António Augusto Martins Pereira (1959–76)
  • Lutero Letra da Costa (1976–80, 1st term)
  • Mário Vidal da Silva (1980–81)
  • António Rodrigues Parente (1981–84)
  • João António Ferreira Resende Alves (1984–87)
  • Rui Arvins Pereira Pinto (1987–89)
  • Lutero Letra da Costa (1991–92, 2nd term)
  • Fernando Pereira Pinto (1992–95)
  • Manuel Conceição Neves (1995–2001)
  • Abílio Costa (2001–07)
  • Conceição Araújo (unknown)
  • Carlos Coelho (since 2007)
  • João Alves (aka "luvas pretas"), was born in Albergaria-a-Velha, on December 5 of 195. He was one of the most famous football players of his generation. He was also one of the presidents of the club during the 90s.


  • Couceiro Figueira
  • Carlos Alves (coach)
  • Valongo (Joaquim Freire)
  • Virgílio Pereira
  • Augusto Semedo
  • Joaquim Queirós
  • Quitó (Joaquim António Sousa)
  • Óscar Mendes


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