S.F.T.R.R: Videos

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S.F.T.R.R: Videos
Video by Shakespears Sister
Released April 11, 2010 (2010-04-11)
Recorded 2004-2010
Genre Rock, alternative rock
Length 55 mins approx
Director Morten Magnus, Caroline Richards, Paul Boyd, Rory Rooney, Sophie Muller, SS10, Christian Isak Isaksan, Kim Jakobsen
Shakespears Sister chronology
Hormonally Yours
(1992)Hormonally Yours1992
S.F.T.R.R: Videos

S.F.T.R.R: Videos is a video compilation released by Shakespears Sister, sold exclusively via Siobhan Fahey's official website. "S.F.T.R.R." is an abbreviation of Songs from the Red Room.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Director(s)[1] Length
1. "Pulsatron" Morten Magnus  
2. "Pulsatron" (Live Video Mix) Caroline Richards  
3. "Bad Blood" Magnus, Christian Isak Isaksan  
4. "Bad Blood" (edit) Magnus, Isaksen  
5. "She's Lost Control" Rory Rooney  
6. "She's Lost Control" (Spektrum Remix) Rooney  
7. "It's a Trip" (Live Video Mix) Richards  
8. "I'll Be Your Mirror" SS10, Sophie Muller  
9. "Someone Else's Girl" Magnus, Kim Jakobsen  
10. "Heroine 2010" David Law, SS10  
11. "It's a Trip" Paul Boyd  


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