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Sherald Brownrigg
Born (1937-09-30)September 30, 1937
El Dorado, Arkansas
Died September 20, 1996(1996-09-20)
Dallas, Texas
Occupation Film director, film producer

S. F. Brownrigg (September 30, 1937 – September 20, 1996), born Sherald Brownrigg, was an American film director and producer.


During the 1970s he directed several low budget horror films, such as Don't Look in the Basement. In 2001, a reviewer for the Michigan Daily called Poor White Trash 2 "the worst movie of all time."[1] Other commentators[who?] value Brownrigg's work for his ability to create thrills with a minuscule budget.


Date Title Role
1973 Don't Look in the Basement (aka The Forgotten) Director/Producer
1974 Poor White Trash Part II (aka Scum of the Earth) Director/Producer
1975 Don't Open the Door! Director
1976 Keep My Grave Open Director/Producer
1986 Thinkin' Big Director

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