S.H.E Is the One

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S.H.E Is the One
Live album by S.H.E
Released March 04, 2011
Genre Mandarin pop
Label HIM International Music
S.H.E's live album chronology
Perfect 3 World Tour Live @ Hong Kong
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S.H.E Is the one (愛而為一世界巡迴演唱會) was released on 4 March 2011 on Blu-ray and DVD and features the Taipei stop of their S.H.E Is the One Concert Tour. It also includes a bonus DVD of behind the scenes, video messages from their mothers, Selina's wedding proposal and their KTV music videos.

Track listing[edit]

The concert had each member perform two solos. Selina and Hebe sang English songs for one of their solos while Ella sang a self-penned song. They performed different versions on some of their songs and the concert also featured songs from their SHERO album.

Song List[edit]

  1. Overture:S. H. E Is the one
  2. Super Star
  3. Boom
  4. Super Model
  5. 宇宙小姐
  6. 612星球
  7. 熱帶雨林
  8. 天灰
  9. 五月天
  10. 最近還好嗎
  11. 花都開好了
  12. 我愛雨夜花
  13. 倫敦大橋垮下來
  14. 怎麼辦
  15. 可愛萬歲
  16. Ella的冒險故事VCR
  17. Dream a little dream of me(Hebe solo)
  18. Wake me up before you go-go (Selina solo)
  19. 我就是我(Ella solo)
  20. 觸電(Broadway Version)
  21. 愛就對了
  22. 天亮了
  23. 半糖主義
  24. 我愛煩惱
  25. 痛快
  26. 三個小女孩的願望VCR
  27. 天使在唱歌Intro+金鐘罩鐵布衫+夢田
  28. Happy Birthday to ELLA
  29. 老婆
  30. 簡單愛(Ella solo)
  31. 崇拜(Selina solo)
  32. 笑忘書(Hebe solo)
  33. 終結孤單+三天三夜
  34. 台語組曲:茶噢+媽媽請妳也保重+惜別的海岸+歡喜就好+熟女版S. H. E的初登場
  35. 魔力(S. H. E with you)
  36. I. O. I. O
  37. 波斯貓
  38. 不想長大
  39. Beauty Up My Life
  40. Remember
  41. 美麗新世界
  42. Encore
  43. 中國話
  44. SHERO
  45. Encore Again
  46. 你不會
  47. 愛呢
  48. 愛上你
  49. 遠方
  50. 安靜了
  51. 戀人未滿
  52. Credit