S.H. Ho College

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S.H. Ho College
S.H. Ho College.png
Motto 文行忠信
Motto in English
Culture, Morals, Devotion, Trustworthiness
Established 2006
Master Samuel Sun Sai-ming
Location Hong Kong
Affiliations The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Website www.shho.cuhk.edu.hk
S.H. Ho College

The S.H. Ho College (Chinese: 善衡書院) is one of the new colleges of The Chinese University of Hong Kong which admitted its first class of students in 2010.[1] It is named after S. H. Ho (Ho Sin Hang), the Hong Kong businessman who founded Hang Seng Bank.[2]

In August 2006, Professor Samuel Sun, a professor of Biology in CUHK, was appointed Founding Master of S.H. Ho College.[3]


The motto of the college is "Culture, Morals, Devotion, Trustworthiness".


It is located in between the central campus and the existing Chung Chi College, and is next to another new college, Morningside College.


The S.H. Ho College, along with the Morningside College and the CW Chu College, will be one of the first colleges in The Chinese University of Hong Kong using a fully residential and communal dining basis. It will take around 600 students, which is the largest of the three colleges adopting this system.


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