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Full name Sport Lisboa e Benfica
Founded 8 May 1932 (84 years ago) (1932-05-08)
Arena Pavilhão da Luz Nº 2
Capacity 1,800
President Felipe Gomes
Head coach Mariano Ortega
League Andebol 1
2015–16 2nd
Club colours          
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Sport Lisboa e Benfica is a professional handball team based in Lisbon, Portugal. Benfica play in the top tier domestic league, the Andebol 1. They hold home matches at the Pavilhão da Luz Nº 2.

The club also has a reserve team, Benfica B, who play in the second division.[1]



Founded on 8 May 1932, Benfica's handball section endured a troubled start, shortly after being founded. It was inactive from 1939 to 1942–43 because of a conflict between Benfica and the Portuguese Handball Federation.[2] Until the 1960s, handball was played by eleven players, and after 1962–63, in another dispute with the federation, Benfica closed the eleven players team and opted for the current team handball.[3] The handball section did not achieve success until 1961–62, being overshadowed by the football, cycling, basketball and roller hockey sections during that time.

Golden years[edit]

After a period of dominance by crosstown rivals Sporting CP, Benfica experienced great success in the 1980s and early 1990s, when was led by coach Eugene Troffin, and later by Ângelo Pintado,[4] along with players such as Paulo Bunze,[5] Swedish international Fredrik Appelgren,[6] Dogărescu, Covaciu and Drăgăniță,[7] goalkeeper João Santa Bárbara, wingman Mário Gentil,[8] Vasco Vasconcelos, Luís Lopes and Rui Ferreira;[9] Benfica won four national championships, three Portuguese Cup and two Portuguese Super Cup.


In the 1997–98 season, club president João Vale e Azevedo decided to shut down the section.[10] It was restarted in the next season, but from the Regional Championship, four divisions away from the top division.[11]

Rebuilding years[edit]

After years in anonymity, in 2005, Benfica hired former ABC Braga coach, Aleksander Donner, on a three-year deal.[12] Because of a dispute between Liga and the Handball Federation, which managed the Divisão de Elite, there were two simultaneous championships. In the 2005–06 season, Benfica played in the Divisão de Elite. In 2006–07, Benfica joined the Liga Portuguesa de Andebol along with Sporting CP. During that season, Benfica won their first title since 1994, the League Cup.[13] In the following season, Benfica finally achieved their first league title since 1990.[14] Despite the success, Aleksander Donner did not renew his contract at the end of the season.[15]

Recent years[edit]

To replace Donner, Benfica hired José António Silva, who won three titles in three years: the 2008–09 League Cup, 2010–11 Portuguese Cup[16] and 2010 Super Cup.[17] In the 2010–11 season, Benfica reached the final of the EHF Challenge Cup, but lost to Slovene side RK Cimos Koper.[18] In 2011–12, José António Silva was replaced by another former ABC Braga coach, Jorge Rito.[19] With him, Benfica finished fourth in league for the first time.[20] On 2 September 2012, Jorge Rito won Benfica's fourth Super Cup trophy.[21] The season ended with only a second place in the league.[22] In 2013–14, Benfica's performances worsened, and the team finished the league in fourth place. Jorge Rito did not renew his contract and was replaced by Mariano Ortega.[23][24] On 3 April 2016, Benfica, who had beaten rivals FC Porto in the semi-finals the day before,[25] beat Lisbon rivals Sporting in the final and conquered their fifth Portuguese Cup, ending a trophy drought.[26][27]

Results in European competitions[edit]


Note: Benfica score always listed first.


According to Benfica's official website[29]

Domestic competitions[edit]

European competitions[edit]

Current squad[edit]

S.L. Benfica roster


  • 03 Portugal Davide Carvalho
  • 08 Portugal João Pais (c)
  • 17 Croatia Luka Raković
  • 33 Portugal André Lima
  • 34 Portugal Fábio Vidrago

Back players

  • 04 Portugal Hugo Lima
  • 07 Portugal Tiago Pereira
  • 09 Serbia Stefan Terzić
  • 11 Portugal Belone Moreira
  • 15 Brazil Uelington da Silva
  • 24 Portugal Alexandre Cavalcanti
  • 30 Portugal Elledy Semedo
  • 31 Portugal João Ferreira
  • 50 Portugal Francisco Pereira
  • Slovenia Jernej Papež
  • 05 Portugal Valter Soares
  • 13 Portugal Paulo Moreno
  • 20 Portugal David Pinto
  • 86 Brazil Ales Silva


  • Head coach: Mariano Ortega
  • Assistant coach: João Castro
As of 11 January 2017

Sources: roster, coaches

Women's honours[edit]

Domestic competitions[edit]


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Further reading[edit]

  • Perdigão, Carlos; Pires, Fernando (2004). 100 Anos de Lenda [100 Years of Legend] (in Portuguese) (First ed.). Diário de Notícias. pp. 254–257. ISBN 972-9335-52-4. 

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