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Super-Power-Inhibiting Nanobots Technology
S.P.I.N. Tech
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PublisherMarvel Comics
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S.P.I.N. (Super-Power-Inhibiting Nanobots) Technology or S.P.I.N. Tech is a fictional type of nanotechnology appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


S.P.I.N. Tech was first mentioned in Avengers: The Initiative #3, when War Machine described it to cadet Komodo in a mission briefing. During the earlier Civil War, the pro-registration side had created special technology to inhibit and/or remove the super powers of those who opposed registration. This was widely known and publicized. However, what wasn't known to the public was that they had managed to miniaturize the technology into nanobots. It could be fired in special adamantium-tipped ammunition which could pierce the skin of any known individual, and thus render them unable to use their powers, causing them to no longer be a threat. Iron Man successfully used S.P.I.N. Tech to strip She-Hulk of her powers when she learned of her cousin Bruce Banner's fate at the hands of the Illuminati and vowed to punish those responsible. In the first known field mission where S.P.I.N. Tech is used, the villains Shocker, Boomerang and Hydro-Man were all successfully hit with it, though as it was not targeted to their DNA, they were not affected. Spider-Man (who was the target of the mission) managed to clog one of War Machine's guns with his webbing, and the nanomachines entered his suit's systems and shut them down, which would seem to indicate that this technology can be used against other technological devices as well. However, their effects seem to be temporary; War Machine recovered soon afterwards.

Iron Man later used S.P.I.N. Tech against Hulk when he returned to Earth to seek revenge on the Illuminati,[1] but at Stark's own admission there was no telling how long the technology would keep the Hulk weakened, which would seem to further indicate that S.P.I.N. Tech is not permanent, or at least not against individuals whose power levels can increase, such as Hulk. It was, however, later revealed that the container that Stark had with him to infect the Hulk was actually empty, having previously been stolen by Initiative recruit Hardball.[2] Amadeus Cho also managed to help She-Hulk regain her powers after they had been stripped, which implies that S.P.I.N. Tech may be able to be deactivated even after initial exposure; this is confirmed when She-Hulk reveals that Stark temporarily disabled the nanobots in her body to allow her to aid in the defense against the Hulk's return.[3]

It is also mentioned that all the nanomachines used in S.P.I.N. Tech can be targeted to specific individuals, negating any chances of friendly fire.[4] Though in use by S.H.I.E.L.D., the S.P.I.N. Tech has gotten into the hands of several villains and terrorist groups when it was revealed that the man who hired Hardball to steal the S.P.I.N. Tech, Congressman Woodman, is in fact a high-ranking member of HYDRA.[5] During an encounter in Madripoor between HYDRA agents and members of the Shadow Initiative, HYDRA employs modified S.P.I.N. Tech that their agents claim is effective against any superhuman target, and uses it to negate Komodo's abilities.[6] However, when the Shadow Initiative infiltrated their headquarters, Hardball had destroyed all the S.P.I.N. Tech, except for his own, which was stolen by Carmilla Black.[7]

When a group of super villains used the technology to inhibit one of Hank Pym's drug-created superheroes, Mulholland, the removal of this former mutant's drug-made powers somehow allowed her true mutant powers to resurface.[8]


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