S.S. Jolley Bridge

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S.S. Jolley Bridge
Coordinates25°57′49″N 81°42′35″W / 25.96363°N 81.7097°W / 25.96363; -81.7097Coordinates: 25°57′49″N 81°42′35″W / 25.96363°N 81.7097°W / 25.96363; -81.7097[1]
Carries SR 951
CrossesMarco Island-Naples waterway and Big Marco River west
LocaleCollier County, Florida
Opened1969 (original span)[2]
2011 (parallel span)

S.S. Jolley Bridge (also known as Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge) is a bridge located in Collier County, Florida connecting Marco Island with the mainland in Naples.[3] The bridge is a good location for fishing.[4]

The Jolley Bridge opened in 1969 and was the second vehicular bridge connecting to Marco Island. The first was the original span of the Goodland Bridge built in 1938. In 2011, a second parallel span was built next to the original to provide two additional travel lanes. Today, southbound traffic uses the newer span, and northbound traffic uses the original span.[5]

The Jolley Bridge is named for former Collier County Judge Seward Stokley Jolley, who served from 1935 until 1959.[6]


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