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Malaya S.A. Ganapathy was a veteran of the communist underground resistance to Japanese occupation and postwar trade unionist in then Malaya (Malaysia).

Personal life[edit]

Ganapathy was born on 1912 in Thambikkottai Keelakkadu (Sundaram) village in Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, South India. His house was south eastern side to Sundaram railway station. His father's name was Arumugathevar and his mother's name Vairammal. His early days, his parents were travel to participate kumbakonam mahamaham festival. At the time his house was attacked by thunder storm, after few weeks his parents were attacked by choera both died. After lost their parents Ganapathy and his brother Sargunam moved to his relative's house (Vairamal sister) in early stage. Later they moved to Singapore with his uncle and joined with his grandfather Subramania Theaver. Around age 10, he studied there.

Involvement in politics[edit]

In his earlier stage, he was involved in political activities and work with Indian National Army. He returned to India around 1946 to participate in the ASIAN meeting in North India; later he attend a meeting at Robinson park (Madras),a public meet in thilagar thidal (thanjavoor)and a meeting in thambikkottai mariammankoil. He went back to his village and meet his relatives. They advised him on a marriage, but he did not accept it, and told them I never return to India. His health was affected by piles, and he returned to Malaya. He was clean his body at waterfall, rawang; at the moment police encircled him and arrest by an information of his barber at Malaya. He was residing at 119, Anson road, Singapore, with his cousin vaithiligam kanapathi.According from the information of his close relative Mr.Narayanaswamy ADMK ( Current President of Othiyadikadu village);the father of modern Singapore Mr.Lee kuan yu was worked with Mr.Ganapathi in early days.

S.A. Ganapathy, the first president of the 300,000-strong Pan Malayan Federation of Trade Unions (PMFTU) was hanged by the colonial authorities on 4 May 1949 after being convicted for allegedly being in possession of firearms. He was said to be on the way to the police to surrender a firearm, when he was arrested by the police and sentenced to hang in Pudu Jail. His close allies Mr. Arumuga thevar (thambikkottai east), Kittu thevar (T. Marvakkadu) and some others were deported from Malaysia to India. Tamil Nadu chief minister M. Karunanithi wrote a book about him named Kayertrilae Thonkiya Ganapathi. Eye witness told, (Late Mr. vaithiligam kanapathi, maravakkadu village) S.A.GANAPATHY was arrest somewhere in Malaya and search in his residence 119 ANSON ROAD, found a REVOLVER by police. They made an enquiry about his stay and pay three month rent balance to Mr V.KANAPATHI. Later S.A.GANAPATHI wrote a letter to V.KANAPATHI and his cousin's husband about his death sentence and request to collect his body to do the cremation if no one else came to claim. Unfortunately due to the letter his cousin's husband P.Ramu Thevar from Pinang was arrested on suspicious and was kept in an island called Jerejak(Pinang)for 2 months. After his death; family members move away from malasia to India.Now a small monument was built by local communist party at thambikkotai vadakadu high street for the great Malasian/singapoore freedom fighter. His brother, sargunathevar, died in 2009 at parakkalakottai village, pattukkottai taluk, Tamil Nadu S.India. Locally he also called as POTHA Ganapathi

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