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S. Andrew Swann
BornUnited States
GenreScience fiction

S. Andrew Swann (alternately S. A. Swann, S. A. Swiniarski, and Steven Krane) is a science fiction and fantasy author living in Solon, Ohio,[1] a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, where much of his fiction is set. He was born Steven Swiniarski[2] and has published some of his books as Swiniarski, and some as Swann.[3] He has been published by DAW Books and by Ballantine Spectra, a division of Random House.[4]


Per Swann's official bibliography, he has published twenty-five regular novels. Eleven of these have been collected in five omnibus editions.

  • The Moreau Quartet (four books; 3 omnibus editions)
    • Forests of the Night (DAW Books Inc., 1993)
    • Specters of the Dawn (DAW Books Inc., 1994)
    • Emperors of the Twilight (DAW Books Inc., 1994)
    • Fearful Symmetries (DAW Books Inc., 1999)
      • The Moreau Omnibus (DAW Books Inc., 2003)
      • The Moreau Quartet Volume One (DAW Books Inc., 2015)
      • The Moreau Quartet Volume Two (DAW Books Inc., October 6, 2015)
  • The Hostile Takeover Trilogy (three books; 1 omnibus edition)
    • Profiteer (DAW Books Inc., 1995)
    • Partisan (DAW Books Inc., 1995)
    • Revolutionary (DAW Books Inc., 1996)
      • The Hostile Takeover Trilogy (DAW Books Inc., 2004)
  • Apotheosis Trilogy (three books)
    • Prophets (DAW Books Inc., 2009)
    • Heretics (DAW Books Inc., 2010)
    • Messiah (DAW Books Inc., 2011)
  • The Cleveland Portal Series (two books; 1 omnibus edition)
    • Dragons of the Cuyahoga (DAW Books Inc., 2001)
    • Dwarves of Whiskey Island (DAW Books Inc., 2005)
      • Dragons & Dwarves (DAW Books Inc., 2009)
  • The Wolf Series (two books)
    • Wolfbreed (Spectra, 2009)
    • Wolf's Cross (Spectra, 2010)
  • The Dragon* series (three books)
    • Dragon•Princess (DAW Books Inc., 2014)
    • Dragon•Thief (DAW Books Inc., 2015)
    • Dragon•Wizard (DAW Books Inc., 2016)
  • Standalones (three books)
    • God's Dice (DAW Books Inc., 1997)
    • Zimmerman's Algorithm (DAW Books Inc., 2000)
    • Broken Crescent (DAW Books Inc., 2004)

Writing as S. A. Swiniarski (two books, 1 omnibus edition)[edit]

  • Raven (DAW Books Inc., 1996)
  • The Flesh, the Blood, & the Fire (DAW Books Inc., 1998)
    • Blood & Rust (DAW Books Inc., 2007)

Writing as Steven Krane (three books)[edit]

  • Teek (DAW Books Inc., 1999)
  • The Omega Game (DAW Books Inc., 2000)
  • Stranger Inside (DAW Books Inc., 2003)

Interactive Fiction[edit]

He has also published an interactive novel.

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