S. B. John

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Sunny Benjamin John
Nationality Pakistan
Other namesS. B. John
Years active1950 - 2010
EmployerRadio Pakistan
Notable work
song in the 1959 film “Savera”
AwardsPride of Performance Award

Sunny Benjamin John (Urdu: سنی بَینجمن جان ‎), popularly known as S. B. John (Urdu: ایس بی جان ‎), (born 1934), is a singer from Karachi, Pakistan.[1]


He was born in 1934 in Karachi and he started his singing career from Radio Pakistan in 1950. His inspiration was his grandfather who was also a singer. His first music teacher was Pandit Ram Chandar Trivedi.[2]

When television was introduced in Karachi in 1967, John began singing gospel music on Christmas Eve on Pakistan Television. He also performed in stage shows in Karachi.S. B. John rose to fame by recording popular Urdu poetry known as ghazals in his vocals and music.[1]

His best known song was for the 1959 film Savera "Tu Jo Nahin Hai". The composer was Master Manzoor Hussain, and lyrics were written by a renowned poet of Pakistan, Fayyaz Hashmi.[3][4]

For four decades his songs have been as popular as they were when they were first released.[1]

On August 14, 2010 President Asif Ali Zardari on the occasion of Independence Day conferred various Civil Awards on Pakistani citizens for excellence in various fields. The President’s Award for Pride of Performance was awarded to S. B. John for his playback singing.[5]

Today S. B. John leads a retired life in Karachi.[1]

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