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This article lists and details the increasing amount of rolling stock that have featured in the UK children's television series Thomas & Friends.

A large number of different railway wagons, trucks and coaches have appeared through the TV series' run, over the years. In many episodes, coaches or trucks are the key to the plot line of the show. The Fat Controller's Engines prefer coaches, which are smooth-running and truly well-behaved. The trucks (including some wagons), on the other hand, are generally trouble.

In the television series, there are Green and Red Express Coaches (mainly on The Main Line), Red and Orange branch line coaches (mostly found on other secondary lines of the NWR).

As for Wagons and Trucks of the NWR, there are various Vent Vans (a.k.a., Boxcars (in the US dub), Salt Wagons, Flatbeds, Tank Wagons and of course Troublesome Trucks).

Recurring Characters (Passenger Coaches)[edit]

The Coaches (or perhaps Carriages) are pulled by railway engines to carry and transport passengers from one station (or halt) to another. The engines consider pulling passenger trains a privilege.

However, they have been known to anger, frustrate, horrify or upset the coaches. The coaches talk generally to praise or scold the engine pulling them, and sometimes complaining about the way they are haul and the conditions of their travel.

Annie and Clarabel[edit]

Annie and Clarabel are the two coaches who work with Thomas the Tank Engine on his branch line. Although they are old-fashioned, Thomas loves them very much and the three of them are quite inseparable. The coaches often offer advice to Thomas, and often appear more experienced than he is. Other characters have pulled them when Thomas was preoccupied, which usually makes Thomas upset as he worries for the coaches' safety.

Annie and Clarabel have appeared since the first season of the show.

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  • Shelley-Elizabeth Skinner (Thomas and the Magic Railroad)
  • Teresa Gallagher (UK/US; Blue Mountain Mystery onwards)
  • Chisato Nakajima (Japan; Season 1 - 8)
  • Saori Gotō (Japan; Season 9 - 11)
  • Sakura Yoshioka (Japan; Blue Mountain Mystery onwards)


Henrietta is Toby's faithful coach, who worked with him on their old railway. She has also been designated by Sir Topham Hatt as his personal coach upon his acquisition of her and Toby from their closed down line. Henrietta has appeared in every Thomas and Friends season. Despite having speaking roles in seasons 1 and 2, she remained a completely silent character from season 3 until season 18, when she received a face replacing a door and a set of her windows.

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Slip Coaches[edit]

The Slip Coaches are Duck's faithful Great Western Bogie Slip coaches, whom he collectively nicknames Slippies.

They can be uncoupled at destinations, without stopping, they previously worked with Duck on the Great Western Railway, where he pulled them along one of the Great Western Railway's rail-routes called The Sunshine Line.

They were introduced in Season 18, and have also appeared in Season 20.

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Hannah is a coach who will be introduced in Season 21.

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Recurring Characters (Goods and Utility)[edit]

Troublesome Trucks[edit]

The Troublesome Trucks (known as Freight Cars or Cars in the U.S.) love to play tricks on the engines who haul them. They will often push, drag and hold engines back while chanting loudly. Their behaviour is sometimes unprovoked, but occasionally they seize an opportunity to cause trouble as retaliation for an engine's abuse. They also don't like overconfident new engines who start giving orders, and will often play tricks on them to put them in their place.

The trucks don't seem to care if they get damaged when playing a trick. They have been the cause of many accidents on the railway, and many engines dislike working with them.

Some engines work fairly well with trucks. Edward has never provoked trucks, Stepney finds them a fun change from his scenic passenger route, and Salty makes them cooperate by having them join in chanties.

Occasionally they have helped the engines out by working to get rid of a common enemy, like Bulstrode or Diesel.

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Toad is a brake van who was saved from scrap along with Oliver. He came from the Great Western Railway, and respects the engines, always attaching honorifics to their names.

Toad is painted dark grey and has 'GW' painted on his sides, the number 56831 and "TOAD" at one end. In The Railway Series, he was presented to Douglas by Oliver for saving him from scrap.

Toad first appeared in season 3, and has appeared in seasons 4, 5, 7, 12, 18, 19 and 20. He also had a supporting role in Tale of the Brave and Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and appeared briefly in The Great Race.

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Recurring Characters (Cranes)[edit]


Rocky is a large, dark red breakdown crane with yellow hazard stripes, and is used as a rescue and maintenance unit. Gordon scoffed at the idea that Rocky could lift him, and said that cranes are useless without an engine. Edward wasn't so keen and initially shunned Rocky for this reason, and branded him "newfangled nonsense." After a careless accident, Edward came to rely on Rocky's help to clear up the mess, and took back what he'd said.

Rocky is now frequently used in recovery operations across the eastern side of the island, in place of the older, olive-coloured cranes, whom handle the western side of Sodor. He is also part of the Search and Rescue team.

Rocky first appeared in season 10, and has appeared in every season of the show ever since.

He has also appeared in The Great Discovery, and has supporting roles in Hero of the Rails, Misty Island Rescue, Day of the Diesels and Blue Mountain Mystery. He also had a non-speaking supporting role in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure and also appeared in Tale of the Brave.

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Judy and Jerome[edit]

Judy and Jerome are The Breakdown Train. They are both used in emergencies, mainly to accident scenes, lifting derailed engines back on track, as well as re-railing rolling stock onto rails too, mostly across the western side of the island, whilst Rocky handles the eastern side of Sodor.

Both rail-mounted cranes are painted olive-green and have black-and-yellow hazard stripes, below their cabs and within the top of their crane-arms.

They take their job as breakdown cranes very seriously. They are always ready for an emergency and respond with zeal and vigor.

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Minor characters[edit]

The Spiteful Brake Van[edit]

The Spiteful Brake Van is a brake van who rallied the support of the Troublesome Trucks. He took a dislike to Douglas and delayed his trains until Donald told him off. Later, he held James' train back and Douglas had to bank the train up Gordon's hill. Douglas pushed too hard against the trucks and the van was crushed. He was beyond repair and was scrapped making him the only character of the series to have been killed off.

The Spiteful Brake Van is a standard BR 20 ton brake van. In The Railway Series he had grey paint and "NW" painted on his sides.

The Spiteful Brake Van only appeared in one episode in Season 2.

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S.C. Ruffey[edit]

S.C. Ruffey (a.k.a. Scruffey) is a Private-Owner ballast truck. He was once a leader of the Troublesome Trucks. S.C.Ruffey is grey and rusty and has "S.C.RUFFEY & Co. Ballast Contractors Tidmouth Sodor" on both sides.

After Oliver was pushed down to a turntable well by the trucks, S.C. Ruffey led them in rude songs about the accident. Toad felt sorry for Oliver, and planned to silence S.C. Ruffey's insults. With S.C. Ruffey calling for the trucks behind him to brake hard, Oliver's pulling put too much strain on his frames and S.C. Ruffey fell to pieces. The trucks were horrified, and tried never to make trouble for Oliver again. S.C. Ruffey was rebuilt to earn himself "a proper name," but now refuses to talk about the incident.

The unusual spelling of his name is unique to the television series and related merchandise - in the original story in which he appears, his name is spelled as pronounced.

S.C. Ruffey only appeared in one episode in season four, and his face was later used on several trucks for two episodes in season 5.

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Old Slowcoach[edit]

The Old Slowcoach is an elderly express coach. Thomas and Percy found her lying in a scrapyard, where she'd been waiting for years to be broken up. When a workmen's hut on a coastal construction site caught fire, Thomas and Percy saw a chance to have Old Slowcoach repaired and brought back from the scrap yard, and she briefly served as a home for the workmen. She was later part of a special train for Mrs Kyndley's daughter's wedding, as the "Something Old".

She wears the "chocolate and cream" paintwork from the Great Western Railway.

Season 5 is the only season to feature Old Slowcoach.

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Hector is a black hopper who started out as an aggressive and troublesome truck. Bill and Ben had to haul him together to the coal depot, and once there he would shout at Thomas until left alone, becoming an icon to the other trucks. When Hector's yelling frightened Rosie from the depot, Thomas rammed him off the rails, and Hector admitted that he yelled because he was scared of being filled with coal. Thomas helped him to overcome his fear, and Hector cooperated from then on.

Once during a snowstorm, James refused to follow Hector's advice as a matter of pride in front of the engines, until repeatedly ignoring Hector sent him on a late and difficult journey.

Hector has only appeared in two episodes. One each in seasons 11 and 12.

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The Chinese Dragon[edit]

The Chinese Dragon is a paper dragon which first appeared in the Season 3 episode Thomas, Percy and the Dragon, in which it is collected by Thomas at night for a carnival. Along the way, its appearance gives Percy a fright.

The Chinese Dragon has to date appeared three times within the TV Series - once in Season 3, once in Season 10 and it appears in Season 11. It has also appeared in an Interactive Learning Segment in Season 10 and 11.

Jet Engine[edit]

In the Season 6 episode "Thomas and the Jet Engine", this piece of machinery was supposed to be delivered to the airfield. But Cranky the Crane carelessly knocked the "ON" lever with his hook, causing the jet to fire up and Thomas to be shot down the track at high speed. It is mounted on a large white flat truck, which also consisted of a red fuel tank and two large crates covered with tarpaulins.

One point to note is the model has a larger central box while "engaged" (this can be seen as the box is wider than the truck itself). This is probably to house the large motor which powered the model.

Tram Car[edit]

Introduced in Season 12, the Tram Car is a double-decker green coach which is Flora's pride and joy.[2][3]

It has only appeared in one episode.


Bradford is a Welsh brake van who works with Samson. He acts like an army general and is very strict of the Troublesome Trucks' mischief. He was introduced in the Season 20 episode, "Bradford the Brake Van". He is extremely officious when the Troublesome Trucks start misbehaving under any condition.

Bradford is green with a red stripe across his side and his number 0919 painted in gold.

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Prop Rolling Stock[edit]


The Coaches on the Island of Sodor have many different designs and colour schemes throughout the series. Within the episodes themselves, coaches are rarely referred to specifically (unless specifying the engine who is pulling them, e.g. the Express Coaches or Emily's Coaches).


The Trucks (usually referred to in American releases as the Freight Cars) transport goods. There are various designs of trucks, designed for different purposes: the open-topped Wagons carry most goods; liquids are carried in the Tankers; and anything which needs protection from the elements can be carried in the Vans.

The Tankers are used in various episodes to carry supplies including milk, tar and fuel, oil, raspberry, cream, jam and toffee. The tankers are mostly shown without faces (except for a few seen in Season 4), and are not often seen in the series to be as troublesome as other trucks.

The Brake Vans are an important part of a goods train. They are heavy trucks that carry the guard and are equipped with a strong brake to assist with slowing and stopping the train. From here, the guard can keep an eye on the train in case of problems. They generally don't bear faces, the only ones shown being Toad, the Spiteful Break Van, the Elderly Brake Van and the Troublesome Brake Van who only appeared in "A Close Shave".

The Breakdown Train[edit]

The Breakdown Train consists of two flat-bed trucks, two rail-mounted cranes and a workmen's coach.

It is used for rescue and clear-up operations after accidents, but is also kept busy on maintenance, construction, repair and demolition jobs around the railway. The train is painted olive green, and the coach features the words "Works Unit" on the sides.

From seasons 7 to 12 Harvey often hauled the workmen's coach and breakdown cranes, while Rocky has been used for larger jobs.

However, from The Adventure Begins onwards, both rail-mounted cranes of The Breakdown Train, now gain faces and names Judy and Jerome, with the Works -Unit Brake Coach, repainted in (hence gaining) its original Railway Series orange-brown livery.

The Flying Kipper[edit]

The Flying Kipper is an early morning fish train, usually pulled by Henry. It is a fast train made up of various vans. It has been at the center of a number of events, the most famous of which is from the first season, when Henry crashed while pulling the train and had to be rebuilt (in a new shape). The Flying Kipper has been featured a number of times since.

James seems to be the secondary engine to pull the "Kipper", as he has been seen pulling it in seasons 17 and 18 and Tale of the Brave.

Caitlin also once took the "Kipper" in the season 17 episode Calm Down Caitlin.