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S. J. Rozan
S.J. Rozan and Kent Krueger playing basketball at the 2006 Bouchercon in Madison, Wisconsin.jpg
Rozan, left, playing in annual basketball game at '06 Bouchercon. (Kent Krueger also shown)    
Born 1950
Bronx, New York
Pen name Sam Cabot
Occupation Writer
Education B.A., M.Arch.
Alma mater Oberlin College
SUNY at Buffalo
Period 1990 to Present
Genre Detective fiction, thrillers
Notable works Absent Friends
Winter and Night
Notable awards
  • Anthony (1998)
  • Dilys (2012)
  • Edgar (2002, 2003)
  • Macavity (2003)
  • Maltese Falcon-Japan (2009)
  • Nero (2003)
  • Shamus (1996, 2002)


S. J. Rozan is an architect and award-winning American writer of detective fiction and thrillers, based in New York City. She also co-writes a paranormal thriller series under the pseudonym Sam Cabot with Carlos Dews.[1]

Life and career[edit]

S.J. (Shira Judith) Rozan was born in 1950 in the Bronx, New York. She grew up with two sisters and a brother, and has a passion for basketball. She graduated from Oberlin College with a bachelor's degree, and received a master's in architecture from the State University of New York at Buffalo She is a lifelong New Yorker and currently lives in Lower Manhattan.[2][3][4][5]

Before her career as an architect, Rozan also worked as a janitor, in jewelry sales, painting houses, book sales, bread baking, as an advertising copywriter, and as a self-defense instructor.[6] As an architect, she became project manager for a New York firm[7] working on socially useful projects. She said, "That life was exactly what I wanted, but it wasn't making me happy...So I decided to go back to this idea I'd had of writing a crime novel."[8]

Rozan's books are set in New York City or start out there. Her P.I. series features Lydia Chin and Bill Smith, and the books alternate point of view between the two characters.[9] About them she has revealed, "Lydia is me as I was when I was her age. She’s optimistic and full of energy. She believes that the world can be saved...Bill, on the other hand, is me as I am now—on a bad day. He’s been through enough bad stuff in his life that he knows what can’t be done."[10]

In 2013 she co-authored a book with Carlos Dews under the name Sam Cabot. This book was set in Rome and is the first in a series of historical thrillers.[11] In addition to crime novels, since 2004, Rozan has written haiku that she posts each weekend to her blog. They are composed as she makes observations, but aren't written down until she gets home.[12]

Rozan speaks, lectures, and teaches widely, including in January 2003 as an invited speaker at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland;[13] as a Master Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Fall 2006;[14] at the 2009 National Book Festival;[13] speaking about "Every Story Is a Mystery" at the Central Library in Indianapolis in October 2009;[15] as keynote speaker at the California Crime Writers Conference in June 2011;[16] in Fall 2011 as an instructor at the New York Crime Fiction Academy;[17] as a Writer-in-Residence at Singapore Management University in February 2014;[18] as Author-in-Residence & Guest Instructor at 2014 Novel-In-Progress Bookcamp;[19] and during summers in Assisi, Italy at Art Workshop International as a Writing Instructor.[20] She gives freely of her time to other writers as shown by acknowledgments in, among others, the following referenced books:[21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32]


Lydia Chin / Bill Smith Series[edit]

Standalone novels/chapters[edit]

Writing as Sam Cabot[edit]

Sam Cabot books are co-written with Carlos Dews

Short story collections[edit]

  • A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (2009), Crippen & Landru. ISBN 978-1-932009-89-7 A volume of nine previously published short stories:
     "Film at Eleven" · "Hoops" · "Seeing the Moon" · "Passline" · "Night Court" · "Subway" · "A Tale About a Tiger" · "Childhood" · "Double-Crossing Delancey"
  • Building and Other Stories (2011). An e-book collection of seven previously published short stories:
     "Building" · "Night Court" · "Going Home" · "Silverfish" · "Seeing the Moon" · "I Seen That" · "Sunset"

Short stories[edit]

  • "Heartbreak" ·smith· (e-book single available)[34]
    P.I. Magazine, Winter 1990, Vol.3 No.1, pp. 16–21.
  • "Once Burned" ·smith; chin·
    P.I. Magazine, Winter 1991, Vol.4 No.1, pp. 18–26.
          also in: Lethal Ladies (1996), ed. Barbara Collins & Robert J. Randisi
  • "Prosperity Restaurant" ·chin· (e-book single available)
    The Fourth Woman Sleuth Anthology (1991), ed. Irene Zahava, pp. 111–135. ISBN 0-89594-521-5
          also in: Lethal Ladies II (1998), ed. Christine Matthews & Robert J. Randisi
  • "Hot Numbers" ·smith·
    P.I. Magazine, Spring 1992, Vol.5 No.1, pp. 16–23.
  • "Body English" ·chin; smith· (e-book single available)
    Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, December 1992, Vol.37 No.12, pp. 24–41.
          also in: Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine Presents Fifty Years of Crime and Suspense (2006), ed. Linda Landrigan
          and in: Women of Mystery II (1994), ed. Cynthia Manson
  • "Film at Eleven" ·chin·
    Deadly Allies II (1994), ed. Robert J. Randisi & Susan Dunlap, pp. 202–229. ISBN 0-385-42468-X
          also in: A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (collected stories)
  • "Birds of Paradise" ·smith· (e-book single available)
    Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, December 1994, Vol.39 No.13, pp. 142–154.
          also in: Wild Crimes (2004), ed. Dana Stabenow
  • "Hoops" ·smith·
    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, January 1996, Vol.107 No.1, pp. 40–68.
        nominated: 1997 Edgar Award, Best Short Story
          also in: The Year’s 25 Finest Crime & Mystery Stories; Sixth Annual Ed (1997), ed. Joan Hess, Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg
          and in: The Best American Mystery Stories 1997, ed. Robert B. Parker & Otto Penzler
          and in: Crime After Crime (1999), ed. Joan Hess, Martin H. Greenberg & Ed Gorman
          and in: Crème de La Crime (2000), ed. Janet Hutchings
          and in: A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (collected stories)
  • "Subway" ·chin·
    Vengeance Is Hers (1997), ed. Mickey Spillane & Max Allan Collins, pp. 225–252. ISBN 0-451-19198-6
          also in: A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (collected stories)
  • "A Tale about a Tiger" ·chin; smith· (e-book single available)
    Sounds Like Murder, Vol VI (1999), ed. Otto Penzler. (audio cassette) ISBN 0375402063
          also in:
    Criminal Records (2000), ed. Otto Penzler
          and in:
    A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (collected stories)
  • "Cooking the Hounds" (e-book single available)
    Canine Crimes (1998), presented by Jeffrey Marks, pp. 145–154. ISBN 0-345-42411-5
  • "Hunting for Doyle" (e-book single available)
    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, May 1999, Vol.113 No.5, pp. 58–63.
  • "Childhood" ·smith·
    Compulsion, e-book; Mightywords.com, (Sept 2000).
          also in: The World’s Finest Mystery & Crime Stories; Second Annual Collection (2001), ed. Ed Gorman
  • "Marking the Boat" ·chin·
    The Shamus Game (The Private Eye Writers of America Presents) (2000), ed. Robert J. Randisi, pp. 1–38. ISBN 0-451-20129-9
  • "The Grift of the Magi"
    commissioned by Otto Penzler, who gifted his bookshop clients. LCCN 2001281539
          also in: Christmas at the Mysterious Bookshop (2010), ed. Otto Penzler
  • "Motormouth"
    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, April 2001, Vol.117 No.4, pp. 60–61.
  • "Double-Crossing Delancey" ·chin· (e-book single available)
    Mystery Street (The Private Eye Writers of America Presents) (2001), ed. Robert J. Randisi, pp. 278–310. ISBN 0-451-20436-0
     won: 2002 Edgar Award, Best Short Story
        nominated: 2002 Anthony Award, Best Short Fiction
          also in: The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories; Third Annual Collection (2002) ed. Ed Gorman & Martin H. Greenberg
          and in: A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events (collected stories)
  • "Going Home"
    The Mysterious North (2002), ed. Dana Stabenow, pp. 169–175. ISBN 0-451-20742-4
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  • "Building"
    Manhattan Noir (2006), ed. Lawrence Block, pp. 196–212. ISBN 1-888451-95-5
        nominated: 2007 Edgar Award, Best Short Story
          also in: Building and Other Stories (collection of stories)
          and in: New York City Noir: The Five Borough Collection (2012)
  • "The Next Nice Day"
    Deadly Housewives (2006), ed. Christine Matthews, pp. 199–205, plus Afterword. ISBN 0-06-085327-1
  • "Sunset"
    Hardboiled Brooklyn (2006), ed. Reed Farrel Coleman, pp. 85–96. ISBN 1-932557-17-2
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  • 211 Haiku (September 2012) - An e-book collection of 211 selected works, from 2004–2011, that follows a calendar year cycle[37]

Non-fiction essays and articles[edit]

  • "The Private Eye: An American Hero" (2009), Crippen & Landru, 8 p. pamphlet. OCLC 672293661 (Collection of three columns, edited, written for the Private Eye Writers of America)
    From inside back cover: "Two hundred twenty-five copies were printed to accompany the limited edition of A Tale About a Tiger and Other Mysterious Events, and are not for sale separately."
  • "Who Is Silverman, What Is She?", In Pursuit of Spenser: Mystery Writers on Robert B. Parker and the Creation of an American Hero (2012), ed. Otto Penzler, Smart Pop, pp. 163–172. ISBN 978-1-935618-57-7
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