S. K. Lawton

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S. K. Lawton
S K Lawton.JPG
Born Swaminathar Kanagaratnam
Manipay, Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Died 1919
Occupation Photographer

Swaminathar Kanagaratnam Lawton (1851-1919), known professionally as S. K. Lawton, was a well known and popular Ceylonese photographer who pioneered various photographic techniques in his home country of Sri Lanka.[1] He mainly worked and studied in his birthplace in Jaffna where he established his photographic business S.K. Lawton & Co. in 1876.[2] Lawton wrote numerous times for the Penrose Pictorial Annual, a London-based review of graphic arts that was printed nearly annually from 1895 to 1982. He was granted a 14-year English patent for his work on preparing paper to prevent its injury during development of the photos.[1] Lawton wrote about the use of fish glue in The Penrose Annual where he discusses how its oxidation over time causes it to gradually make the enamel of the photographic paper tender.[3] He is also the father of Kalaiarasu Kanagaratnam Chornalingam who pioneered acting in Sri Lanka.[citation needed] Lawton married twice and is an ancestor of Russell Arnold, a former Sri Lankan cricket player.[citation needed]


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