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Sidney Luxton Loney, M.A. (16 March 1860, Chevithorne, Devon – 16 May 1939, Richmond) was a Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Holloway College, Egham, Surrey. (University of London), and a fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.[1] He authored a number of mathematics texts, some of which have been reprinted numerous times. He is known as an early influence on Srinivasa Ramanujan.[2]

Loney was educated at Maidstone Grammar School, in Tonbridge and at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, where he graduated BA as 3rd Wrangler in 1882.[3]

He has authored numerous books on mathematics which are widely in use in India. His book, The Elements of Statics and Dynamics, published in 1897, is used across various universities in south India.[citation needed] His books, The Elements of Coordinate Geometry and Plane Trigonometry, are also popular in India among students preparing for competitive engineering exams.[4][5]


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