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S. N. Swamy
Born Kochi
Nationality Indian
Occupation Screenwriter
Known for CBI film series, Irupatham Noottandu, Moonnam Mura

S. N. Swamy is an Indian screenwriter who works in Malayalam cinema. Particularly known for scripting films in the thriller genre, he has scripted some of the biggest hits in Malayalam film history including the CBI film series (Oru CBI Diary Kurippu, Jagratha, Sethurama Iyer CBI and Nerariyan CBI),[1] Koodum Thedi, Irupatham Noottandu, Moonnam Mura, August 1, Naduvazhikal, Adikkurippu, Parampara, Dhruvam, and Nariman. Though he is best known for the association with directors K. Madhu and Joshiy, he has also associated with other major directors in a few films. Recently,he appeared in a movie with Mammootty. He played the role of a layman in the A.K.Sajan movie named 'Puthiya Niyamam'.

Swamy is the creator of some of the well-known fictional characters in Malayalam cinema including the most famous Sethurama Iyer (portrayed by Mammootty) and Sagar Alias Jacky (portrayed by Mohanlal). Sethurama Iyer, a CBI officer and the protagonist of the CBI film series, was based on a real life police officer called Radhavinod Raju who retired as Chief of India's National Investigative Agency. The four time portrayal of the same character by the same actor (Mammootty) under the same director-writer team (K. Madhu and S. N. Swamy) was a first in Indian cinema.[2] Sagar Alias Jacky, a notorious gold smuggler, was the protagonist in Irupatham Noottandu and the eponymous Sagar alias Jacky Reloaded. The characters Tharadas (originally created by John Paul for the 1984 blockbuster Athirathram) and Inspector Balram (created by T. Damodaran for the 1986 blockbuster Aavanazhi), both portrayed by Mammootty, came together in Balram vs. Tharadas through his script. DySP Perumal, another cop enacted by Mammootty, appeared in two films: 1 August and its sequel 15 August. Another character which has a cult following is Ali Imran, a cop played by Mohanlal in Moonnam Mura.

His Total films (Scripts) 42, Mammootty played 26 films, Mohanlal played 10 films, Mammootty and Mohanlal jointly acted 2 films, Suresh Gopi acted in 8 films.


Year Title Director
2017 CBI 5 K. Madhu
2013 Lokpal Joshiy
2011 August 15 Shaji Kailas
2010 Janakan Sanjeev N.R
2009 Sagar alias Jacky Reloaded Amal Neerad
2009 Rahasya Police K. Madhu
2008 Positive V.K. Prakash
2007 Janmam Joshi
2006 Baba Kalyani Shaji Kailas
2006 Balram vs. Tharadas I. V. Sasi
2005 Nerariyan CBI K. Madhu
2004 Sethurama Iyer CBI K. Madhu
2004 Agninakshathram Kareem
2001 Nariman K. Madhu
1998 The Truth Shaji Kailas
1997 Oral Mathram Sathyan Anthikkadu
1996 Aayiram Naavulla Ananthan Thulasidas
1995 Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary K. Madhu
1994 Sainyam Joshiy
1993 Dhruvam Joshiy
1991 Adayalam K. Madhu
1991 Apoorvam Chilar Kaladharan
1991 Chanchattam Thulasidas
1990 Parampara Sibi Malayil
1990 Kalikkalam Sathyan Anthikkadu
1989 Mounam Sammadham K. Madhu
1989 Adikkurippu K. Madhu
1989 Carnivel P. G. Viswambharan
1989 Jagratha K. Madhu
1989 Naduvazhikal Joshiy
1988 Charithram G.S. Vijayan
1988 Moonnam Mura K. Madhu
1988 Oohakkachavadam K. Madhu
1988 August 1 Sibi Malayil
1988 Oru CBI Diary Kurippu K. Madhu
1987 Irupatham Noottandu K. Madhu
1986 Ennum Nathante Nimmi Sajan
1986 Geetham Sajan
1986 Snehamulla Simham Sajan
1986 Akalathe Ambili Jeasy
1985 Kandu Kandarinju Sajan
1985 Oru Noku Kaanan Sajan
1985 Koodum Thedi Paul Babu


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