S. P. L. Sørensen

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S. P. L. Sørensen
SPL Sorensen.jpg
S. P. L. Sørensen
Born 9 January 1868
Havrebjerg, Denmark
Died 12 February 1939(1939-02-12) (aged 71)
Nationality Danish
Fields Chemistry
Institutions Carlsberg Laboratory
Known for pH

Søren Peder Lauritz Sørensen (9 January 1868 – 12 February 1939) was a Danish chemist, famous for the introduction of the concept of pH, a scale for measuring acidity and alkalinity. He was born in Havrebjerg, Denmark.

From 1901 to 1938 he was head of the prestigious Carlsberg Laboratory, Copenhagen.[1] While working at the Carlsberg Laboratory he studied the effect of ion concentration on proteins,[2] and because the concentration of hydrogen ions was particularly important, he introduced the pH-scale as a simple way of expressing it in 1909.[3] The article in which he introduced the scale (using the notation pH[4]), described two new methods for measuring acidity.[5] The first method was based on electrodes, while the second involved comparing the colors of samples and a preselected set of indicators.


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