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The S. Rm. family is an Indian family of businessmen, industrialists and bankers from the town of Kanadukathan in the Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu, India. The family is named after its ancestor, the popular 19th century Nagarathar banker S. Rm. Muthiah Chettiar. The head of the family holds the honorific title Raja of Chettinad. The M. Ct. family has descended from one branch of the S. Rm. family.

Annamalai Chettiar is the maternal grandfather of India's former finance minister P. Chidambaram.

First generation[edit]

  • S. Rm. Muthiah Chettiar

Second generation[edit]

Third generation[edit]

Fourth generation[edit]

  • M. A. M. Muthiah (1929-1970), eldest son of M. A. Muthiah Chettiar. Industrialist.
  • M. A. M. Ramaswamy, (1931-2015) second son of M. A. Muthiah Chettiar. Politician and industrialist. Member of the Rajya Sabha.
  • A. C. Muthiah (b. 1940), son of M. A. Chidambaram. Industrialist and bureaucrat. President of the BCCI (1999-2001)
  • P. Chidambaram (b. 1944), son of Palaniappa Chettiar and Lakshmi Achi. Finance Minister and Home Minister(2004-2014)