S. Thomas' College, Gurutalawa

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S.Thomas' College Gurutalawa
S.Thomas' College Crest
Gurutalawa, Welimada

MottoEsto Perpetua(Be Thou Forever)
Established12 June 1942
FounderDr R.L. Hayman
Color(s)Blue and Black
Former pupilsOld Thomians[1]

S. Thomas' College, Gurutalawa is a private school situated in the town of Gurutalawa in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. It is an Anglican school administrated by the Church of Ceylon.[2]


The College forms a branch of S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia, which is under the Anglican Church of Ceylon, is run by a Board of Governors which is chaired by the Anglican Bishop of Colombo, who is also known as the "Visitor of the College". The administration of the College in itself is headed by a headmaster who is an Anglican priest. Admission to the College is at the sole discretion of the headmaster.



S. Thomas' College in Gurutalawa was founded by Dr. R.L. Hayman in 1942,[3][4] as a branch of S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia. A farm with some land and buildings was donated to the college by Mr. & Mrs. Leslie de Saram.

Due to the Japanese war threats to Colombo, during World War II, the State Council decided in February 1942 to close all schools in the Colombo District. There were over 700 boys at S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia and as the Warden explored possibilities of opening branches inland, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie De Seram made the generous offer of their 45-acre (180,000 m2) farm at Gurutalawa.

Current status[edit]

The College is a fully fledged school catering to extracurricular activities with a swimming pool and has facilities for nearly all sports including athletics, cricket, basketball, rugby, volleyball, squash, soccer, table tennis, hockey, badminton, swimming as well as activities like scouting, hiking and trekking. There is also the encouragement for a variety of societies and clubs, debating, oratory, oriental dancing and music.


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Coordinates: 6°50′38″N 80°54′05″E / 6.84389°N 80.90139°E / 6.84389; 80.90139

Dr W. R. L. Hayman D Phil (Oxon) 1942 1945
Mr C. H. L. Davidson, MA 1946 1947
Dr W. R. L. Hayman, D Phil (Oxon) 1948 1962
Rev. Canon A. J. Foster, MA (Oxon) 1963 1964 (Acting)
Mr A. K. Chapman, BSc 1965 (Acting)
Mr K. Dassanayake 1965 (Acting)
Dr F. Jayasinghe, BA (London), PhD 1965 1968
Mr E. L. Perera, BSc (London), 1st Class Trained 1968 1974
Mr M. L. C. Ilangakoon, BSc (London), AICTA 1975 1977
Mr S. C. H. De Silva, BA (London), Dip Ed. (Lond.), Dip in School Admin (Indiana) 1977 1981
Mr E. St. P. Gunawardene, BA (Cey.), Dip. Ed. 1982 1987
Mr. J. De S. Jayasinghe (Acting)
Mr. J. B. Gunasegaram, BSc, Msc (NY), MIMech. E. (Lond.), FIE (SL), C. Eng. 1988 1989
Rev. Fr. H C Goodchild 1989 1990 (Acting)
Mr C. B. Ratnayake, BSc (Cey.), Trained 1990 1997
Mr L. A. M. Chandrasekera, BA (Hons. Econ), Dip. Ed. 1997 1999 (Acting)
Mr I. A. Fernando, BA 1999 2001
Mr G. C. Mendis, MA 2001 2003
Mr E. G. J. Canagasabey, BSc 2004 2006
Mr. J. Huyghebaert, MA 2007 (Acting)
Rev. N. M. P. Billimoria, BA (Poona), PG Dip. Theo. (Oxon.), Dip. Min. TG (Ripon-Cuddesdon) 2007 2012
Revd, Nihal Fernando, B.Phil,(Rome),B.Th,Rome,B.A.(SL), Dip.in Couns,(Dallas) 2012 2017
Ven.S.P.Nesakumar,B.Th (Serem), PG Dip in Edu (SL) MA (UJ), M.Min.(In) Dip in Ecum (Geneve) 2018 Present