C. W. Thamotharampillai

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C. W. Thamotharampillai (Tamil: சி. வை. தாமோதரம்பிள்ளை), sometimes referred to by the initials as S. V., devoted his energies to the work of editing and publishing some of the oldest works of classical Tamil poetry and grammar.

Pillai, along with his contemporaries such as U. V. Swaminatha Iyer, was responsible for collecting and cataloguing numerous old Sangam manuscripts and preparing them into compilations and modern form.

Both Iyer and Pillai printed and published Tholkappiyam, Nachinarkiniyar urai (1895), Tholkappiyam Senavariyar urai, (1868), Manimekalai (1898), Cilappatikaram (1889), Pattupattu (1889), and Purananuru (1894), all with scholarly commentaries. Between them, they published more 100 works in all, including minor poems.


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