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Discovered byScott S. Sheppard
David C. Jewitt
Jan Kleyna
Brian G. Marsden
Discovery date13 April 2007
Saturn LII
S/2007 S 1
AdjectivesTarqiup, ? Tarqeqian
Orbital characteristics[1]
Epoch 2007 Apr. 10.0
17.9106 Gm
894.86 d
Physical characteristics
Mean diameter
7 km[1]
~3 d

Tarqeq (/ˈtɑːrkɛk/ TAR-kek), also known as Saturn LII (provisional designation S/2007 S 1) is a natural satellite of Saturn. Its discovery was announced by Scott S. Sheppard, David C. Jewitt, Jan Kleyna, and Brian G. Marsden on 13 April 2007 from observations taken between 5 January 2006 and 22 March 2007.[1][2] It is named after Tarqeq, the Inuit moon god,[3] and is a member of the Inuit group of irregular satellites. It is about seven kilometres in diameter.[4] The Cassini spacecraft observed Tarqeq over 1.5 days on 15–16 January 2014.

The Tarqiup (Tarqeqian) orbit lies at an inclination of 49.90° (to the ecliptic; 49.77° to Saturn's equator), with an eccentricity of 0.1081[1] and a semi-major axis of 17.9106 Gm. Tarqeq orbits in a prograde direction with a period of 894.86 days.


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